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Remote Video Editing

Live streaming, local stream capture, remote monitoring of video editing

Making a movie is hard, but when a central character is none other than the Northern Lights and remote Yukon locations, it’s not possible without the help of outside videographers and filmmakers.

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Multi-Location Live Events

Live Streaming to YouTube and Facebook, sending live feed to remote production studio

Live event production is a high stakes endeavour. Every element from the in-person production to the virtual or remote stream must be perfect.

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Club Sports

Live Streaming 13 angles from two separate gymnasiums

Gymnastics is a sport that requires multiple cameras due to the varying nature of the routines and the large spaces they are performed in.

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School Production

Live Streaming to YouTube and Facebook

The Canterbury school had a one week notice to set up a streaming video workflow for their graduation ceremony.

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Industrial Applications

Real-time AR Streaming for customer support in industrial workflows

Augumenta, a Finnish software company, makes exciting new industrial applications that help people on the factory floor and out in the field perform better as remote experts.

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Theatre Events

Live streaming to Facebook and YouTube while simultaneously recording

The State Theatre hosts a yearly benefit concert for local non-profit organizations. As they began preparing for their 2021 benefit concert, they identified the need for a streaming solution that was simpler to use.

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Opera Performance

Multi-angle live streaming

Systems integration company Rexcel Group introduced the world’s first application of their Rexcel Simple Live streaming-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform to support the Taipei Opera’s debut.

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