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Welcome to Videon Labs

A place to let your imagination run wild to create and transform live video.

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We are on a mission to solve unsolvable problems, inspire innovation, and empower collaboration

Since you can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it, we're equipping a select few with the tools to think differently.

Our members-only developer community provides exclusive access to Videon's developer toolset, an exclusive community, and endless features to equip you to create a lasting impact in live video.

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Community Member Benefits


Member-only Discord channel
Frontline Videon developer support to quickly unblock developer questions
Defined support paths for complex needs
Developer feedback process
Developer community spotlight
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Example code
Developer guides
API docs and tutorials


Founding Community Member
Influence the future of the community
Create groundbreaking solutions
Problem solving & solution creating developer environment
In depth case studies to highlight your achievements