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Industrial Applications Case Study

Real-time AR Streaming for customer support in industrial workflows





VersaStreamer 4K


Real-time AR Streaming



Cameras Used

Transforming remote support on the factory floor

Augmented, a Finnish software company, makes exciting new industrial applications that help people on the factory floor and out in the field perform better as remote experts. Augmented chose Videon VersaStreamer 4K to do high-quality video encoding of fixed cameras.

Combining two types of video streams, the SmartEyes solution combines video from smart glasses with the video streams generated from fixed cameras connected to VersaStreamer 4K’s HDMI or SDI input, allowing the VersaStreamer 4K to encode the camera signal and produce a low latency high-quality video stream. The power of the SmartEyes solution resides in the Videon VersaStreamer 4K.

video live strimingvideo live striming
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“Many of the cheaper encoders could not meet our bar for quality and compression efficiency as well as what our customers expected in the way of quality and reliability.”

– Tero A.
CEO & Co-Founder

Technical solution overview

  • As many VersaStreamer 4K’s can be streamed as needed to correctly represent the view that is required by the customer.
  • Cameras may be operated at up to 4Kp30.
  • Cameras may be connected to the VersaStreamer 4K via SDI or HDMI using the best connection option available.
  • Audio is handled by the mic in the camera or externally via the direct connection on the VersaStreamer 4K.
  • Streaming to the distribution platform is accomplished via SRT and configured using the web interface on the VersaStreamer 4K.

Using innovation to solve tough problems

In the Augmented solution every glass has a small camera, microphone, and speaker, along with a command processor, battery, and WiFi radio.

The AR application is able to begin streaming immediately and it can join an application such as a Skype call while wearing the headset and streaming in real-time exactly what the camera sees. This is the perfect way for a remote expert to give instructions to a technician on-site on how to solve problems more quickly and with much greater accuracy.

Unique for its size and one-button go-live operation, the VersaStreamer line of products are ideal for augmented and live video industrial applications needing remote viewing capability at low latency. The family of VersaStreamer solutions lives up to its purpose by providing the most versatile streaming solution possible for live and AR streaming platforms and solutions.

Ready for intelligent, flexible, and efficient live streams.

Live video workflows are transforming to live streaming at warp speed–whether it’s a new video protocol, standard, technology or architecture–the ability to adapt quickly is paramount. Leading the charge are use cases that require quality, security and ultra-low-latency, such as live events, sports and betting.

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