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School Production Case Study

Live Streaming to YouTube and Facebook



Canterbury School of Florida


VersaStreamer SDI


Live Streaming to YouTube and Facebook


H.264, Multi-RTMP

Cameras Used

Pulling off flawless streaming on short notice

The Canterbury school had a one week notice to set up a streaming video workflow for their graduation ceremony. The school needed an easy to configure and cost effective all-in-one solution which the VersaStreamer SDI fit perfectly.

The VersaStreamer SDI was selected for its ability to stream at the push of a button to major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. By successfully bringing the graduation ceremony online, Canterbury school realized that they could stream other events including their all important fundraising gala where over $100,000 was raised via online bidding from primary donors who were unable to attend in person.

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The VersaStreamer SDI was selected for its ability to stream at the push of a button to major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Technical solution overview

  • Videon VersaStreamer SDI streaming encoder
  • 4 HDMI Cameras
  • 1 HDMI-to-SDI switcher
  • Audio switcher for multiple microphones
  • Scheduled YouTube Live event

Using Videon’s YouTube platform integration, the Canterbury School was able to pre-configure the stream before the scheduled event. By pressing the ‘Streaming’ button on the front of the VersaStreamer SDI, the stream was started without any waiting or complicated steps to follow.

Overcoming novel challenges

Once the VersaStreamer was setup and configured, given it’s reliable operation, Canterbury was able to focus on the students and the event rather than worry about technical issues.

To ensure that the video stream is stable and never interrupted, the VersaStreamer family of products feature the ability to change the video input in the event that a camera or feed fails. This function was tested during the gala where an issue almost took the live stream offline. Thankfully, as a result of the engineering that went into the VersaStreamer SDI, the show went on without a hitch.

Unique for its size and one-button go-live operation, the VersaStreamer line of products are ideal for schools wanting to enable remote viewing of their events and ceremonies. VersaStreamer SDI lived up to its purpose by providing the most versatile streaming solution possible for the Canterbury School of Florida so that students, faculty, friends and family won’t have to miss out on any events throughout the year.

Ready for intelligent, flexible, and efficient live streams.

Live video workflows are transforming to live streaming at warp speed–whether it’s a new video protocol, standard, technology or architecture–the ability to adapt quickly is paramount. Leading the charge are use cases that require quality, security and ultra-low-latency, such as live events, sports and betting.

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