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LiveEdge® Max

Super. Power.

LiveEdge® Max is all new... built from the ground up, new chassis, new OS, and is the most powerful compute device to date. Max joins the LiveEdge® Ecosystem - a full-on subscription service - and is served up with Compute, Cloud Control, vCare support, and an encoding container per input, plus the option to subscribe to additional LiveEdge® services at any time, giving you the ability to create the perfect hybrid:cloud workflow.

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Master Multicam Workflows with LiveEdge® Max

LiveEdge® Max provides more usable compute power than ever - including single or dual 12G-SDI 4Kp60 inputs (w/ 16 channel audio) to support higher resolutions and multiple camera angles, a backup feed, or a loop-through - and is designed to streamline the most strenuous workflows.

Single or Dual Inputs

16 Channel Audio

Max Power, Max Potential

Continuing on our quest to combine usable compute with both flexibility and mobility, Max is Qualcomm SnapDragon powered, boasting double the CPU (8 cores), 2.5x the compute... 20x for AI/ML, perfect for inferences at the point of production.

Deploy & Run Docker Containers


core CPU


more compute compared to LiveEdge® Node


artificial intelligence and machine learning capcity



Remote Management



Ultra-low Latency

Static Overlay

Run Docker Containers

LiveEdge® Options


  • Multiple Stream Output
    (3 x RTMP/SRT/RTSP/Zixi/WHIP - MPEG-2 TS Unicast x3 or Unicast x2 + Multicast x1)
  • Multi-Bit-Rate encoding (MBR) ladder up to a total of 4Kp60 per input - HLS, DASH, Low Latency Chunked Transfer Encoding
  • OTT HTTP Push with dual posting
  • LiveEdge® options are per input


  • SCTE-35 marker insertion for monetization
  • Insertion through REST API or SCTE-104 ingest


  • SMPTE-336 with KLV functionality for multi-camera time sync and user-defined metadata for personalization


  • Adds HTML5 with motion graphics for the visualization of metadata on-screen

Associated features





Tech Specs


LiveEdge® App Marketplace

LiveEdge® Cloud Pro

VCare+ Workflow Protection

EdgeCaster Tech Specs


LiveEdge® App Marketplace

LiveEdge® Cloud Pro

VCare+ Workflow Protection

EdgeCaster Tech Specs

Rack Mounting

EdgeCaster Rack Mount

LiveEdge® Max is designed to be portable, making it easy to transport and setup in new locations. That said, sometimes rack mounting is the best option for workflows with lots of live streams.
Simply add the LiveEdge® Horizontal Short Rack Mount Tray (19") (1RU) for direct mounting of three Max devices. This rack tray is designed and engineered to optimize airflow and heat dissipation. Need super cooling, use two Max devices with custom front to back air diverters.

Limiteless Use Cases

Accurate Multi-camera Sync

Ensure flawless coordination between video, audio, and data streams, facilitating polished, professional live broadcasting even in challenging conditions.

Video Assistant Referee

Implement accurate, timely video-assisted refereeing to ensure fair play and seamless game flow, bolstered by superior live video technology.

Automated Ad Marker Insertion

Maximize advertising effectiveness with automated marker insertions that intelligently identify the optimal slots within live streams.

Remote Camera Control

Simplify remote shooting by gaining precise control over camera settings and positioning, reducing the need for on-site technical adjustments.

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