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Theatre Events Case Study

Live streaming to Facebook and YouTube while simultaneously recording



The State Theatre




Live streaming to Facebook and YouTube while simultaneously recording


Multi-RTMP, H.264, SD record, HEVC, Multiple Bitrate

Cameras Used

A yearly benefit concert for local non-profit organizations

As the State Theatre began preparing for their 2021 benefit concert, they identified the need for a streaming solution that was simpler to use and more reliable.

Having the ability to stream high-quality video would prove to be a huge benefit since for this event the entire audience was remote. Previous production requirements allowed for a more traditional video workflow that required more onsite operators and was optimized for offline capture rather than real-time streaming. Using the EdgeCaster, the State Theatre was able to raise $25,000, an amount that put the event at one of the highest amounts raised.

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“We worked with some other solutions prior to the EdgeCaster and found them lacking. The EdgeCaster meets our high production expectations, offers us the flexibility we want to meet our audiences on a range of platforms, and it’s all wrapped up in a user-friendly package.”

– Adam M.
Programming Chair

Technical solution overview

  • Sony studio cameras were used.
  • BMD ATEM production switcher was deployed for audio and video routing.
  • RTMP H.264 codecs were used for live streaming to YouTube and Facebook.
  • HEVC local recording was used for archive purposes.
  • HDMI and SDI interfaces were used for connection to the production equipment.
  • EdgeCaster’s multi-bitrate streaming capability was used to ensure that all viewers received the best experience regardless of their network connection speed.

Overcoming novel challenges

Due to pandemic restrictions only five people were allowed in the theatre which meant a live feed of the Master of Ceremonies needed to be switched between nine pre-recorded musical acts.

The State Theatre monetized the event as a way to remain in operation due to the financial struggles with COVID-19. With EdgeCaster, the primary stream generated twenty thousand dollars in donations eventually
raising to a total of twenty five thousand dollars. To maximize exposure, the event was streamed to Facebook and YouTube. As a result of the quality of the production, the event was one of their most successful benefits, proving that virtual events can hold their own against an in - person performance.

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