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LiveEdge Core

What's LiveEdge Core?

LiveEdge is a suite of core video functions that leverage processing at the source - Designed to enable efficient hybrid:cloud workflows.

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Meet the suite


LiveEdge® Streaming reduces cloud costs and minimizes latency while providing viewers with a reliable, high-quality live experience.


LiveEdge® Compute empowers you to Develop and Run custom video computing functions using Docker.


LiveEdge® Cloud enables you to orchestrate a fleet of devices from anywhere in the world, while monitoring their health and receiving real-time alerts.


LiveEdge® Advanced enables KLV functionality for multi-camera time sync and user defined metadata for personalization, plus SCTE ad marker insertion to drive monetization.

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LiveEdge® + EdgeCaster

The most powerful team in live video

Transform live video workflows to hybrid:cloud with LiveEdge®. LiveEdge unleashes EdgeCaster's Qualcomm-powered processing muscle. Together, they provide flexible and reliable cloud computing functions, in a small package, at the source. Whether you need the latest streaming functions, scalable device orchestration, or a custom solution designed by you, LiveEdge® makes everything possible.

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At Videon, we are always looking ahead, looking for inflection points in live video. It’s in our DNA. We continually iterate, improve, and with the LiveEdge® Ecosystem, revolutionize! From adding new video standards, protocols, and functionality… to  partnering with the best companies to create optimal end-to-end workflows that are future-proof.

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