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Club Sports Case Study

Live Streaming 13 angles from two separate gymnasiums


Centre Elite Classic



VersaStreamer SDI


Live Streaming



Cameras Used

Sony AX53, Canon HF R800Mokose HD, GoPro Hero 6, AIDA HD PTZ, AIDA Gen3G-200

Every angle for hundreds of viewers

Gymnastics is a sport that requires multiple cameras due to the varying nature of the routines and the large spaces they are performed in.

The Centre Elite Classic posed the added challenge of two gymnasiums running events simultaneously requiring thirteen cameras to be used. The challenge was how to enable parents and friends to view their favorite athlete without the high cost of a typical live video streaming system while staying in the constraints of the technical infrastructure that was available in the venue. By using the VersaStreamer SDI and a selection of purchased and borrowed cameras, more than 900 people were able to enjoy the meet and celebrate the athletes’ incredible achievements.

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“The VersaStreamer streaming video encoders provided us with a simple and reliable way to deliver thirteen simultaneous live streams to over 900 viewers with just a few volunteers.”

– Andy M.

Technical solution overview

  • 13 VersaStreamer SDI delivered live video streams to the online video platform.
  • Cameras were operated at 720p60 due to an on-site upload limitation of 20Mbps.
  • Cameras were connected to the VersaStreamer SDI using the best connection available, either HDMI or SDI.
  • Audio was handled by the mic in the camera or externally where the camera did not include a built-in microphone.
  • Multiple streams with fixed camera positions provided excellent event coverage without needing a production team or an expensive jib arm or boom.
  • Streaming to the distribution platform
    was accomplished via RTMP and configured using the web interface on the VersaStreamer SDI.

Helping volunteers run a professional stream with ease

The Centre Elite Classic all volunteer tech team benefited from the simple configuration and setup that is available on the VersaStreamer SDI.

With an easy to configure web-based interface, all Videon products can stream to any destination using RTMP at the push of a button. To help offset equipment costs and operational expenses, the club selected a platform that enabled them to charge for viewing the stream. The results were stunning and many people commented how they appreciated being able to watch the meet remotely with multiple camera angles.

Unique for its size and one-button go-live operation, the VersaStreamer line of products are ideal for club sports organizations wanting to enable remote viewing of their events. VersaStreamer SDI lived up to its purpose by providing the most versatile streaming solution possible for the Centre Elite Classic gymnastics meet so that friends and family could enjoy the full range of athletic performances that were on display.

Ready for intelligent, flexible, and efficient live streams.

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