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BNY Professional Live Events

Live Streaming to YouTube and Facebook, sending live feed to remote production studio



BNY Professional Live Events Production Company


VersaStreamer 4K


Live Streaming to YouTube and Facebook


H.264, HEVC, Multi-RTMP, SRT

Cameras Used

HD/4K cameras

Reliability and ease of use for when the stakes are high

Live event production is a high stakes endeavor. Every element from the in-person production to the virtual or remote stream must be perfect.

Now, imagine the stakes if the events being streamed were able to influence a political election. This is the environment that BNY Professional was operating in when they selected the VersaStreamer 4K for individual camera feeds and production studio streaming to social networks, broadcasters, and campaign websites. The BNY team needed a reliable self-contained video streaming encoder that could be pre-configured and sent to multiple locations where a non-technical operator could start the stream with a single-button, while delivering the same quality of broadcast television.

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“Many of the cheaper encoders could not meet our bar for quality and compression efficiency as well as what our customers expected in the way of quality and reliability.”

– Tero A.
CEO & Co-Founder

Technical solution overview

  • Videon VersaStreamer 4K
  • Up to 4 HD or 4K Cameras
  • 4 channel encoder for stream synchronization
  • SDI to NDI converter
  • LTN delivery network plus Restream for live streaming to multiple social networks simultaneously

Using the web UI, BNY was able to pre-configure each device before the scheduled event to ensure that every production went off without a hitch. By pressing the ‘Streaming’ button on the front of the VersaStreamer 4K, the stream was started without any delay or complicated steps.

Pre-configuration to allow pre-planning hundreds of events

Once the VersaStreamer 4K was set up and configured by the BNY team, any campaign staffer could operate the unit without needing a BNY person on site.

This was essential since there were as many as 100 separate events needing to be streamed each week. The campaign was able to focus on the event rather than worry about technical issues. With the publicity around this particular candidate and the events being held, it was not uncommon for the stream to be delivered to broadcast television stations as well as social platforms using the built-in SRT and simple RTMP configurability.

Unique for its compact size and one-button go-live operation, the VersaStreamer line of products are ideal for live event production companies wanting to enable better streaming experiences for their clients. VersaStreamer 4K lived up to its purpose by providing the most versatile streaming solution possible for BNY so that their client’s constituents and the public at large were able to receive the news and information being delivered regardless of where they were.

Ready for intelligent, flexible, and efficient live streams.

Live video workflows are transforming to live streaming at warp speed–whether it’s a new video protocol, standard, technology or architecture–the ability to adapt quickly is paramount. Leading the charge are use cases that require quality, security and ultra-low-latency, such as live events, sports and betting.

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