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Power meets portability

EdgeCaster is the simplest way to integrate your live video production with the network to start streaming live fast. Stream with ultra-low latency, reduce operational costs, and improve reliability by bringing cloud functionality on-premise with LiveEdge®.

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Faster than broadcast

EdgeCaster reduces average end-to-end latency from 30 seconds down to between 2 sec and 500 ms, making your live event coverage truly live.

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Cost efficient

EdgeCaster reduces the need for expensive cloud processing and re-encoding. You get all the functionality of a cloud-based workflow, more cost efficiently.

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Simplified workflows

Seamlessly connect to the cloud and control it from anywhere. EdgeCaster runs your custom functions aboard the device and perfectly integrates with your existing production components.

Pro features enabling advanced capabilities

Cloud functionality delivered on-premise

EdgeCaster is the simplest way to integrate your live video production with the network to start streaming live fast. Stream with ultra-low latency, reduce operational costs and improve reliability by augmenting cloud functionality on-premise with LiveEdge®.

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Endless possbilities

Execute your production exactly the way you want.

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Cloud-friendly development environment
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Remote management
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LiveEdge® platform
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Constantly Expanding Capabilities

EdgeCaster receives regular software updates and improvements to support the latest industry standards and most advanced features.

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EdgeCaster + LiveEdge®

The most powerful team in live video

Transform live video processing and delivery with LiveEdge®. LiveEdge unleashes EdgeCaster's Qualcomm-powered processing muscle. Together, they provide flexible and reliable cloud computing functionality at source. Whether you need the latest streaming functions, scalable device orchestration, or a custom solution designed by you, LiveEdge® makes everything possible.

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A look under the hood

Video Origin
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User Testimonials

Trusted by 1000+ customers

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“Rexcel with Videon's EdgeCaster, gave our performance wings to fly. Since we began using it, our livestreams have captured the attention of the international ballet community and expanded our sphere of influence beyond our wildest dreams.”

Dau-Hsiong Tseng
Music Director, Taipei Opera
best streaming service

“The EdgeCaster meets our high production expectations better than any solution we've every used. It offers us the flexibility we need to meet our audiences on a range of platforms, and it's all wrapped in a user-friendly package.”

Adam M.
Programing Chair, State Theater

Case Studies

Ways to buy

Thoughtfully curated solutions

We've packaged our hardware and software into thoughtful and flexible subscriptions, delivering practical solutions that drive impactful outcomes.

EdgeCaster + Workflow Optimizer

Advanced edge compute functions and programmability essentials bring costly cloud compute functions to the video origin -- reducing streaming costs and providing entry-point product customization.

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Access to develop custom applications in Python

EdgeCaster + ULL Broadcast

Out-of-the-box ULL combined with broadcast-level functionality set the stage for professional workflows that further optimizing cloud costs, lower latency, deliver deeper metadata and higher-tier streaming protocols, while maximizing functionality and customizability.

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LiveEdge® Workflow Optimizer
Chunked transfer
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Dual Posting
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KLV time codes
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Access to develop in Docker
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