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Intelligent Live Video.

LiveEdge® is the onramp for intelligent live video feeds - into cloud and traditional workflow’s - with sub-second glass-to-glass latency. Our unique hybrid:cloud approach pairs powerful edge compute at the source - leveraging CPU, GPU and Neural Processing - with the flexibility and quick adoption of native, 3rd party or even your own container-based edge applications - Let's go!

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Pick your Use Case(s)

Experience game-changing use cases that solve simple to super complex tasks, like AI/ML. We're talking about replacing encoder real estate with hard core compute power, to remotely control, process, sync, and monetize live feeds with frame accuracy, and much more. The list goes on and on, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, with customers and partners, on a daily basis. So gear up and get in the game. Records are made to be broken... and history is prime for the making!

Here are a few...

Multi-camera Time Sync

Encoder Real Estate

Video Assistant Referee

Localized Graphics

Remote Camera Control

Automated Ad
Marker Insertion

In-stadium Second Screen Experiences

Remote Production Kits

Workflow Changing Deployments

"At IMG Arena, we've experienced first-hand the power of edge computing with the Videon Compute Platform as it has opened up new possibilities for automating advertising, remote production, and machine learning workflows. Videon has enabled us to become more agile and responsive, ultimately improving customer satisfaction due to our streamlining efforts.”

Martyn Richardson
VP, operations

In order to bring our new Chyron Live SaaS production solution to market we needed to get content to the cloud.  With multiple solution providers for edge devices and encoders to choose from we took our time evaluating the field.  Working with Videon was a pleasure.  They were responsive and took the time to understand our business and that we needed top tier performance and support.  All our events went off without a hitch with an overall high QOS. I’m glad we partnered with Videon and look forward to additional projects.

Carl Cavagnolo
Regional Manager

“We are impressed with LiveEdge® Cloud Control's one-click enrollment of LiveEdge Node, which enabled us to monitor, control, and troubleshoot 10+ Keynote and Auxiliary work streams simultaneously from different locations around the world, in real-time without requiring a technical person on site. The Videon platform saved us valuable time and money and gave us peace of mind that our high-profile event would run smoothly and without interruption.”

John Leyva
Sr. Broadcast Solution Architect

"Our experience with the Videon platform has been a game-changer for our customers for remote production use cases. It has simplified their workflows and enhanced efficiencies. We are now exploring ways to harness the full potential of Videon’s onboard compute capabilities."

Richie Murray
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Metadata Drives Awesome Outcomes

Ingest, Normalize, Output, and Unleash Your Competitive Edge
LiveEdge simplifies first-mile workflows by normalizing and synchronizing live video, audio, graphics, and data sources, in real-time. We output all the protocols and packages that your workflows require, starting with sub-second latency, enabling mind-blowing applications and use cases. It's a total game-changer.


Ingest live video, audio, graphics, and metadata, including proprietary and custom data.

Data Sources*

CAN data

Scoreboard data

Sports data


*any data source


Normalize, synchronize, and visualize sources using native, 3rd party, or custom containers.

Docker-based containers

Powerful Functionality

SMPTE-336 Metadata

SCTE-35 Ad Markers






Normalized feeds can be simultaneously output in multiple protocols and latencies, customized for diverse use cases.

Supported Protocols










Normalization unlocks a multitude of use cases, and empowers outcomes, from live betting to remote camera control.

Use Cases

Live Betting

Localized Graphics

Virtual Assistant Referee


Seamless Workflows Across Diverse Devices

LiveEdge provides a spectrum of devices encompassing portable, compact, and rugged form factors, as well as rack-ready solutions, all unified on the same platform to facilitate smooth workflow transitions across diverse operational environments.

LiveEdge® Node
LiveEdge® Max
LiveEdge® 2Go
LiveEdge® Rack
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Differentiate with Containers

Supercharge your workflow with LiveEdge®, a container-based compute ecosystem for powering commercial-grade containers - from data parsing to rule-based SCTE-35 ad marker insertion to graphic overlays with scoreboard metadata to remote control of cameras in the field for remote production. Choose from our native containers, leading 3rd party applications, or build your own with our Developer Toolkit.

Deploy & Run Docker Containers

Native Containers

Experience the evolution of LiveEdge with a continuous flow of software updates and native container releases - all designed to simplify and enhance your first-mile workflows. From the seamless SCTE-35 ad marker insertion to informative graphic overlays, our exclusive collection of new containers is reserved solely for our valued Videon subscribers.

Available Native Containers



Graphic Overlay


3rd Party Containers

Further simplify your first-mile workflows by removing hardware and technology that LiveEdge makes obsolete. Unlock the possibilities with 3rd party containers, seamlessly integrated technology from our industry leading partners. Discover a thriving container marketplace of diverse range of ready-to-deploy apps.

LiveEdge Marketplace





Custom Containers

Join the LiveEdge Developer Program and leverage one of our Developer Toolkits and create your own containers - tailored to your unique needs.

Remotely Configure, Manage and Monitor

Unlock the true power of the first-mile with Cloud Control, the ultimate solution for seamless remote configuration, management and monitoring of first-mile workflows. Cloud Control provides a singular interface for access to all LiveEdge Devices - to analyze system status, troubleshoot issues and maximize the efficiency of your video operations. Cloud Control was built using our REST API, enabling you to make changes programmatically. The best part? Cloud Control is now included in your subscription, delivering all these benefits at no extra cost.

Freedom of Choice

Experience unparalleled flexibility - Choose your own cloud providers, protocols, and live video platforms. The LiveEdge Ecosystem gives you full control over your first-mile live video workflows. Make your vision a reality.

Cloud Agnostic

Protocol Agnostic

Live Video Platform Agnostic

Plan Your Journey

Even the best made plans need to be changed. The LiveEdge Ecosystem is designed from the ground up to adapt and evolve, from basic workflow updates through complex use cases, like AI and ML inferences.

Benefits Beyond Belief

Reduce Operational Costs

Cloud Agnostic

Remote Management & Control

Initiate New Business Models

Lower Latency

Easy-to-use Developer Tools

Rapid Time-to-Market

OVP Agnostic

Reduce Onsite Technical Staff

Linear Scalability

Eliminate Single Use Encoders and OBS

Container-based Integration

Video computing at the
edge for the modern

[video solutions architect]

Reduce latency and costs while increasing reliability and quality of video workflows by moving traditional cloud functions to the edge, where the edge is at the point of video’s origin.

Featured Customers
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Live Video is Evolving Faster

Live video workflows are transforming to live streaming at warp speed–whether it’s a new video protocol, standard, technology or architecture–the ability to adapt quickly is paramount. Leading the charge are use cases that require quality, security and ultra-low-latency, such as live events, sports and betting.

New Standards & Technology

Complex & Inflexible Workflows

Expensive & Time Laden to Update


Videon Compute Platform

The Videon Compute Platform brings compute power to the point where video is created, the contribution edge, making existing cloud workflows more efficient, with a combination of hardcore edge processing and a growing marketplace of apps.

The platform's foundation is based on augmenting video encoding and packaging with user-accessible compute resources.

Live video workflows have increased flexibility, intelligence, and unparalleled control, making it possible to simultaneously distribute content anywhere, thanks to LiveEdge® core applications and market-first edge apps.


Enable unique workflows by moving traditional cloud functions to video origin.


Create intelligent video by adding critical metadata.


Control and automate devices and fleets through the cloud.


Enhance connection quality and reliability.

Videon Compute Platform

How to Buy

Pick the right subscriptions for your workflow - upgrade anytime!

At Videon, we are always looking ahead, looking for inflection points in live video. It’s in our DNA. We continually iterate, improve, and with the LiveEdge® Ecosystem, revolutionize! From adding new video standards, protocols, and functionality… to  partnering with the best companies to create optimal end-to-end workflows that are future-proof.

Future-proof Workflows

Consistent Enhancements

User Testimonials

Trusted by 1000+ customers

best streaming service

Zixi is excited to be a part of a pioneering group of industry leaders at the forefront of simplifying video workflows. Zixi running on Videon extends our reliable contribution technologies and platform capabilities to the edge where video is created, enabling edge-to-cloud control of video delivery.

John Wastcoat
SVP Alliances and Marketing, Zixi
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best streaming service

We integrated our forensic watermarking solution quite easily within Videon's toolkit. Our bitstream watermarking solution is particularly well adapted to such a constrained environment, and Videon's architecture allows us to protect customers' content from its inception.

Alain Durand
Senior Director of Business Development, Synamedia
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Transforming live video streaming: The power of edge computing at the video source

With the growth, variety, and criticality of video – the ways in which we capture, process, and distribute video streams are changing. Today, video producers and consumers want more control over the process. This includes technical aspects such as resolutions, latency, workflows, and a myriad of other factors. However, just as important are the ways video is distributed.