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Reduce latency and costs while increasing reliability and quality of video workflows by moving traditional cloud functions to the edge, where the edge is at the point of video’s origin.

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A revolution in live video for the modernCTO

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Delivering enhanced reliability, increased quality, ultra-low latency, and reduced costs with our video compute platform.

What is a video compute platform?

A comprehensive, fully integrated system combining advanced video processing with highly flexible computing – bringing cloud functionality on-premise in a small form factor.

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online movie streaming sites
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LiveEdge® + Edgecaster: The Most Powerful Team in Live Video

LiveEdge® unleashes Edgecaster's capabilities, enabling cloud functions right at the video source for truly transformative live video delivery across sports, entertainment, media, events, enterprise, and public services.

Glass-to-glass latency as low as

500 ms to 2 sec

Cloud Cost Reduction up to

50% less

Video Compression Improvement*

50% higher

*using HEVC
Data is based on publicly available information and will vary based on use case and workflow.

A look under the hood

online streaming services
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online movie streaming sites
online movie streaming sites
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Why a video compute platform?

Improve time-laden, expensive cloud functions with our revolutionary video compute platform. Increase reliability and quality while reducing latency and costs by simplifying workflows. Create dynamic, real-world solutions that adapt to your changing needs with a platform that allows users to continually innovate and optimize.

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Ultra-Low Latency

No matter the streaming technology–WebRTC, SRT, HTTP, and more–it's supported out-of-the-box and delivered with ultra-low latency.

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Highly Dependable

Videon has been AS9100 certified, which is the international Quality Management System standard for the Aviation, Space, and Defense industry.

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Device Orchestration

LiveEdge® enables fleet management–to include control, alerts, and status–of Videon platforms from anywhere in the world.

Case Studies

User Testimonials

Trusted by 1000+ customers

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“Rexcel with Videon's EdgeCaster, gave our performance wings to fly. Since we began using it, our livestreams have captured the attention of the international ballet community and expanded our sphere of influence beyond our wildest dreams.”

Dau-Hsiong Tseng
Music Director, Taipei Opera
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“The EdgeCaster meets our high production expectations better than any solution we've every used. It offers us the flexibility we need to meet our audiences on a range of platforms, and it's all wrapped in a user-friendly package.”

Adam M.
Programing Chair, State Theater

Meet our video compute platform family

Powered by Qualcomm technology, LiveEdge® optimizes your video processing and delivery with its flexible and reliable video computing functions at source. Whether you need the latest streaming functions, control, and monitoring of your live video solution, or an entirely unique application designed by you, LiveEdge doesn't just make it possible. It makes it perfect.

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LiveEdge® Streaming reduces your cloud costs and minimizes latency while providing viewers with a reliable, high-quality live experience.

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LiveEdge® Compute, Videon's easy-to-use developer toolkit, empowers you to create custom video computing functions in a cloud-friendly environment.

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LiveEdge® Cloud enables you to orchestrate a fleet of devices from anywhere in the world, while monitoring their health and receiving real-time alerts.

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LiveEdge® Broadcast provides access to advanced functions, metadata processing, and higher-tier streaming protocols for broadcast operations.

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Go live with confidence

EdgeCaster supports the latest live streaming capabilities and advanced protocol support in a small and durable form factor, powered by Qualcomm technology.

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Meet the extended

streamer 4K

VersaStreamer 4k

VersaStreamer 4K allows you to reach your audience simply and confidently, without ever sacrificing quality.

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VersaStreamer SDI

VersaStreamer SDI makes live streaming easy.

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Customize your workflow with turn-key integrations

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