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Reduce latency and costs while increasing reliability and quality of video workflows by moving traditional cloud functions to the edge, where the edge is at the point of video’s origin.

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Efficient Hybrid
Live Workflows

Unleash the power of your advertising with our innovative solution that utilizes SCTE markers, dynamic images, and data to drive results and engage your audience.

Use Cases

Insert Dynamic Advertising Markers and Graphic Overlays into Low Latency Live Streams


Embedding Video Origin Timestamp in Ultra-low Latency Live Streams


Live Video is Evolving Faster

Live video workflows are transforming to live streaming at warp speed–whether it’s a new video protocol, standard, technology or architecture–the ability to adapt quickly is paramount. Leading the charge are use cases that require quality, security and ultra-low-latency, such as live events, sports and betting.

New Standards & Technology

Complex & Inflexible Workflows

Expensive & Time Laden to Update


Videon Compute Platform

The Videon Compute Platform brings compute power to the point where video is created, the contribution edge, making existing cloud workflows more efficient, with a combination of hardcore edge processing and a growing marketplace of apps.

The platform's foundation is based on augmenting video encoding and packaging with user-accessible compute resources.

Live video workflows have increased flexibility, intelligence, and unparalleled control, making it possible to simultaneously distribute content anywhere, thanks to LiveEdge® core applications and market-first edge apps.


Enable unique workflows by moving traditional cloud functions to video origin.


Create intelligent video by adding critical metadata.


Control and automate devices and fleets through the cloud.


Enhance connection quality and reliability.

Videon Compute Platform

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At Videon, we are always looking ahead, looking for inflection points in live video. It’s in our DNA. We continually iterate, improve, and with the Videon Compute Platform, revolutionize! From adding new video standards, protocols, and functionality… to  partnering with the best companies to create optimal end-to-end workflows that are future-proof.

Future-proof Workflows

Consistent Enhancements

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Zixi is excited to be a part of a pioneering group of industry leaders at the forefront of simplifying video workflows. Zixi running on Videon extends our reliable contribution technologies and platform capabilities to the edge where video is created, enabling edge-to-cloud control of video delivery.

John Wastcoat
SVP Alliances and Marketing, Zixi
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best streaming service

We integrated our forensic watermarking solution quite easily within Videon's toolkit. Our bitstream watermarking solution is particularly well adapted to such a constrained environment, and Videon's architecture allows us to protect customers' content from its inception.

Alain Durand
Senior Director of Business Development, Synamedia
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Transforming live video streaming: The power of edge computing at the video source

With the growth, variety, and criticality of video – the ways in which we capture, process, and distribute video streams are changing. Today, video producers and consumers want more control over the process. This includes technical aspects such as resolutions, latency, workflows, and a myriad of other factors. However, just as important are the ways video is distributed.