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Reduce latency and costs while increasing reliability and quality of video workflows by moving traditional cloud functions to the edge, where the edge is at the point of video’s origin.

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Edge Computing Infrastructure for Live Video Starting at the Source

Make low latency live video workflows more intelligent, flexible, and automated and improve management using edge computing.


Live Video is Always Evolving

There's always a new video protocol, standard, and technology that require existing and future workflows to adapt quickly. However, these workflows can be complex and inflexible, making it time laden and expensive to change, hindering the creation of new business models that can be applied rapidly.

New Standards & Technology

Complex & Inflexible Workflows

Expensive & Time Laden to Update


Video Edge Computing Platform

Videon's platform puts the power of edge computing at the point where video is created, enabling an array of video processing tasks to be completed before content goes into the cloud.

The platform's foundation is based on augmenting video encoding and packaging with user-accessible compute resources.

Live video workflows have increased flexibility, intelligence, and unparalleled control, making it possible to simultaneously distribute content anywhere, thanks to LiveEdge® core applications and market-first edge apps.


Enable unique workflows by moving traditional cloud functions to video origin.


Create intelligent video by adding critical metadata.


Control and automate devices and fleets through the cloud.


Enhance connection quality and reliability.

Changing the Game: How Second Screens are Transforming the In-Stadium Experience


Embedding Video Origin Timestamp in Ultra-low Latency Live Streams

How to Buy

One subscription that brings it all together.

Since the beginning, we've always looked ahead to what was to come in video technology. We continue that heritage through our partners and us by adding new video standards, protocols, and functionality with frequent edge computing platform enhancements every 6-8 weeks to our subscribers at no additional cost. Workflows become future-proof and adaptable as the video industry evolves.

Future-proof Workflows

Consistent Enhancements

User Testimonials

Trusted by 1000+ customers

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“Rexcel with Videon's EdgeCaster, gave our performance wings to fly. Since we began using it, our livestreams have captured the attention of the international ballet community and expanded our sphere of influence beyond our wildest dreams.”

Dau-Hsiong Tseng
Music Director, Taipei Opera
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best streaming service

“The EdgeCaster meets our high production expectations better than any solution we've every used. It offers us the flexibility we need to meet our audiences on a range of platforms, and it's all wrapped in a user-friendly package.”

Adam M.
Programing Chair, State Theater
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Transforming live video streaming: The power of edge computing at the video source

With the growth, variety, and criticality of video – the ways in which we capture, process, and distribute video streams are changing. Today, video producers and consumers want more control over the process. This includes technical aspects such as resolutions, latency, workflows, and a myriad of other factors. However, just as important are the ways video is distributed.