Videon’s Commitment to the Environment

The adoption of live video in the U.S. is expected to grow 4x by 20231, and today’s video supply chain infrastructure is not built with the Earth in mind.

At Videon, our vision is to positively impact society by simply moving media, and we’ve extended that vision to ensure the development and design of our products are as green as possible.

We design and develop our hardware and software with the compute power enabled by Qualcomm. Together we help live video producers decrease their impact on the environment and enable their workflows to be intelligent, flexible, and efficient while adding new features that unlock new capabilities they never thought possible at no additional cost.*

Numbers Speak Louder than Words

Videon is


more energy efficient than other hardware solutions2


more energy efficient than x86_64 software-based solutions3


more efficient than adding a Raspberry Pi to an encoder to achieve similar video compute capabilities as Videon4

Greener together

It takes a village to make live video greener, so we’ve joined forces with Greening of Streaming, a members association that brings the industry together to help create end-to-end energy efficiency in the technical supply chain underpinning streaming services. As a collective, we will develop better engineering and foster collaboration to create a great experience for the consumer without wasting energy.
These are only the first steps to a more sustainable future of streaming.

1 CNBC2 Based on 1 channel 1080p encoding for contribution: about 7W ===> compare to a typical 14W competitive hardware-encoder
3 OTT full 5-profile ladder (1080, 720, 480, 270, 180): about 8W ===> compare that to an Intel/AMD-based encoder at 30W
4 Add Zixi: +400mV ===> compare that to 4W for a tiny Raspberry Pi

*LiveEdge® Video Compute subscription required to get additional features and capabilities at no additional cost.