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September 12, 2023

Videon Leads Global Live Video Edge Computing, Unveils LiveEdge® Max

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Videon Leads Global Live Video Edge Computing, Unveils LiveEdge® Max

Videon Unveils LiveEdge® Max: New Era in Live Video Edge Computing, Amplified by Unprecedented Growth

NEW YORK, NY, September 12, 2023Videon, a disruptor in video edge computing, announces the introduction of a groundbreaking innovation: LiveEdge® Max, making live video hybrid:cloud work at scale. This next-generation device, LiveEdge® Max powered by the Snapdragon® 865 5G Mobile Platform, comes with four times the processing power and twenty times the machine learning capabilities compared to the flagship EdgeCaster. It's the latest addition to Videon's LiveEdge® Ecosystem and is designed to make 24/7 and event-based workflows smarter, more automated, easily monitored, and remotely controllable via LiveEdge® Cloud Control.

Already backed by over 30+ industry-leading OTT, SaaS, and system integrators, the LiveEdge® Ecosystem has streamed thousands of hours of live video. Its proven benefits include up to 78% reduction in cloud costs, ultra-low latency down to 200ms, and capabilities like real-time sports data integration for monetization, multiple camera feed synchronization, and fan multiviewers enabled by WebRTC.

Built on Videon's hybrid:cloud, container-based architecture, LiveEdge® Max offers higher-density computing options. This empowers more advanced applications, such as local AI and ML processing, dynamic HTML5 graphics, and robust security features like DRM and watermarking. It also allows for more LiveEdge® Containers to operate on-premises, optimizing the balance between cloud expenses and latency needs.

Videon's LiveEdge® Ecosystem has grown by over 100% in the last 12 months proudly supporting industry leaders like Techex, M2A Media, Bitmovin, Corrivium, Zixi, TorkHub,, Red5, IMG Arena, Universal Tennis, and Phenix Real Time Solutions, along with over 30+ proof-of-concept labs worldwide, it's evident that edge computing is not merely entering the live video sector, but is fundamentally reshaping it.

Tricia Iboshi, Chief Executive Officer at Videon, commented, “The vast potential of normalization and edge computing at the source is now coming to the industry's forefront. Our technology isn't just replacing encoders; it's fostering intricate, automated, and data-driven monetization strategies. Beyond that, we're setting the stage for AI and machine learning-driven live video experiences. Through our innovations, companies are discovering untapped revenue sources and achieving scalability like never before."

From systems integrators and streaming platforms to telecommunications giants, a diverse spectrum of industry players across Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 content, are harnessing Videon's transformative edge.

TorkHub initiated their transformation to a hybrid:cloud architecture by embracing Videon’s edge compute solutions, vital in orchestrating live events, notably in the motorsport sector working closely with Formula Drift. The versatility and efficiency of Videon's solutions have become the cornerstone in TorkHub's forward plans, especially in leveraging the potential of compute on edge.

CEO of TorkHub, Dennis Lomonaco remarked, “Our industry is at a stage where people are still grappling with the basics of connecting encoders and decoders to form a loop, which brought Videon into the limelight for us. They essentially offered a one-box solution — handling everything pivotal for us, from low latency to embedding KLV metadata. The harmony we have achieved between our cloud infrastructure built with AWS and the edge is largely credited to Videon’s edge compute solutions. It's not just about meeting our existing needs; Videon is fueling our innovation, prompting us to explore avenues we hadn't considered before. There's so much potential still untapped in the technology that Videon offers, and we're eager to delve deeper as we forge ahead.”

Similarly, Techex's Richard Bailey underscores how Videon's extensibility is helping to redefine the future of live streaming.

“The existing live video infrastructure falls short, unable to adapt to the continually changing demands of streaming,” said Richard Bailey, CEO at Techex. “By embedding Videon into our client workflows and rolling out tx edge in custom Docker containers on Videon devices using their LiveEdge® Developer Toolkit, we’re equipping our customers to not just adapt, but to lead in this fast-evolving domain. Such an approach ensures each project is handled with unparalleled precision and adaptability.”

As these innovators redefine live video streaming, Videon remains committed to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that our partners and clients are always equipped with the next-generation tools they need.

IBC attendees will have the opportunity to get a preview of LiveEdge® Max at the Videon pod in the Zixi booth at Hall 5, Stand #A.85 from September 15-18, 2023. To request a meeting visit Videon’s website

About Videon 

Videon is dedicated to making live video work at scale. Videon replaces encoder real estate and laptops with a first-of-its-kind edge compute environment housed in an array of compact devices and portable form factors — the cornerstone of the LiveEdge® Ecosystem. The LiveEdge® Ecosystem is continuously growing, adding native features, functionality, and new edge computing containers from a growing network of industry-leading partners. Additionally, the LiveEdge® Ecosystem enables customers to quickly develop, test, and deploy custom containers, tailoring solutions to their unique needs. The LiveEdge® Ecosystem, Developer Program, and Developer Toolkit support a community of world-class video engineers, enabling workflows never thought possible, pushing the boundaries with normalization, data-driven automation, sub-second latency, and providing a foundation for AI/ML-driven use cases, all resulting in a decreased TCO. Deployed in 400+ sports venues, OB vans and production packs, LiveEdge® is processing tens of thousands of hours of real-time data and video, enabling live advertising, syndication, multiviewers, and betting environments. Join the community that is making live video easier, smarter, and more efficient. For more information, visit

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