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LiveEdge® Ecosystem

Why LiveEdge® Ecosystem?

The LiveEdge® Ecosystem is a purpose-built suite of core video functions that leverage processing at the point-of-production - Designed to enable efficient hybrid:cloud workflows.

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Meet the suite.


LiveEdge® Data enables SMPTE-336-based KLV functionality for multi-camera time sync and user defined metadata for personalization.


LiveEdge® Graphix adds value to live video, ingesting metadata and enabling visualization of HTML5-based metadata onscreen.

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LiveEdge® Ads leverages SCTE-35 to insert ad markers and drive monetization.


LiveEdge® Compute provides experimenters and developers the power to build, PoC, and deploy new features, and functionality, using  plug-and-play Docker containers.

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LiveEdge® Stream provides the latest live low latency video streaming functions, multiple outputs (SRT/RTMP/WHIP/WebRTC) and multiple profiles (HLS/DASH/CMAF).

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LiveEdgeCloud Control

LiveEdge® Cloud Control enables you to orchestrate a fleet of devices remotely from anywhere in the world, while monitoring their health and receiving real-time alerts.

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LiveEdge® + Max

The most powerful team in live video

Transform live video workflows to hybrid:cloud with LiveEdge®. LiveEdge® devices and form factors are powered by Qualcomm mobile processing muscle. LiveEdge® devices and software work in harmony to provide flexible and reliable cloud computing functions, with a small footprint, at the point-of-production. Whether you need the latest streaming functions, metadata normalization, scalable device orchestration, or to develop a custom container, LiveEdge® makes anything possible.

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At Videon, we are always looking ahead, looking for inflection points in live video. It’s in our DNA. We continually iterate, improve, and with the LiveEdge® Ecosystem, revolutionize! From adding new video standards, protocols, and functionality… to  partnering with the best companies to create optimal end-to-end workflows that are future-proof.

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