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Join Videon at IBC 2023

September 15-18, 2023

Videon will be attending IBC 2023 in Amsterdam to discuss new use cases for video production, such as SCTE-35 ad insertion, localization, and remote production. Learn about our latest solutions for live sports and meet with our experts to discuss how we can help you unlock new possibilities with video.

Hall 5. Stand #A.85
Zixi's Partner Village

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Where to find Videon

Hall 5 Booth A85 (Zixi booth at the Videon pod)
Videon will exhibit the newly native Zixi integration of LiveEdge®, a container-based ecosystem that repurposes encoder real estate and enables CTOs and live teams to optimize first-mile workflows, syncing video, graphics, and data via the cloud—boasting sub-second latency and cost-efficiency with ZEN Master support for unified orchestration, management and control.

Hall 5 Booth A85 (Zixi booth at the Red5 Pro pod)
Videon is at the forefront, empowering Red5Pro's multiviewer TrueTime Solutions™. Witness a new era where multi-feed live video, audio, graphics and data synchronization is flawlessly executed through Videon's market-leading edge computing capabilities using SMPTE-336 (KLV).

Hall 5 Booth D72
Bitmovin is setting a new standard with a pioneering demo that integrates Videon's LiveEdge® devices, unlocking unprecedented remote camera control through Bitmovin's custom UI. Witness the ease of selecting LiveEdge® devices as input sources during live setup, paving the way for a simplified, yet advanced, live production workflow.

Hall 3 Booth B60
Head to IBC's Hall 3.B60, within the Dolby booth, to discover the synergy between   and Videon. Powered by Videon's groundbreaking technology that extends beyond traditional encoding to tap into edge computing, unveils an immersive multiviewer experience. Viewers are empowered to select camera angles and customize video quality for each stream. See firsthand how   effortlessly integrates with Videon's offerings, exemplifying seamless setup and agnosticism towards technology, cloud, and protocol. It's a glimpse into the future of live video, showcasing how Videon is setting new benchmarks in video intelligence.

Hall 5 Booth B39
September 15, 2023 | 5 PM
Join HESP Alliance members for drinks on the show floor. Connect with other leaders heading the charge to make live video better with HESP.


Hall 5 Booth A85 (Zixi booth at the Red5 Pro pod)
Videon is redefining the boundaries of live video with Nomad. By replacing conventional encoders, laptops, and tedious processes, Videon offers a simplified, turn-key solution. With Nomad leveraging Videon devices, customers now have a swift gateway to go live, supported by the holistic management and monitoring prowess of LiveEdge® Cloud Control. Experience this game-changing fusion at the Zixi booth. Nomad's cloud mastery harmoniously converges with Videon's unparalleled edge computing as an integral part of the Red5 Pro multiviewer demo, setting the new gold standard for live video intelligence.

Hall 3 Booth C55
Techex, the UK's elite Systems Integrator, joins hands with Videon to revolutionize live video workflows. Dive deep into a realm where critical live video workflows are transformed; where bulky laptops, cumbersome encoders, and tedious manual processes are replaced. Videon is leading the charge into the next era of live video, redefining first-mile workflows with unparalleled edge computing. By ingesting video, audio, graphics, and data feeds with remarkable speed and precision, Videon and Techex are jointly establishing a new benchmark in video intelligence.

Hall 5 Booth A67
Videon is taking another monumental step in shaping the future of live video through our partnership with EZDRM. Operating within the power and flexibility of Videon's LiveEdge® ecosystem, EZDRM introduces both Multi-DRM and DRM over WebRTC Docker containers on Videon devices. These deployments are a testament to Videon's unwavering commitment to streamlining first-mile workflows with edge computing that sets new standards in video intelligence.

Hall 5 Booth H84
Leveraging Videon's LiveEdge® devices, Middleman will showcase their groundbreaking AdIT software—a cutting-edge rules engine that dynamically generates SCTE 104/35 ad markerson the fly.

Hall 5 Booth G55
castLabs is using EdgeCaster to demonstrate their DRM-secured WebRTC playback feed along with single-frame watermarking protection. In addition, castLabs is also highlighting their hybrid OTT/IPTV player leveraging the Videon Compute Platform’s hybrid-cloud architecture with native automated and manual SCTE-35 ad marker insertion and multi-format delivery – making it a valuable collaboration for addressable TV advertising.