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October 3, 2023

Future-Proof Your Live Video Workflows with Videon and Zixi’s Game-Changing Integration

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Through the integration of Zixi Feeder into Videon’s LiveEdge® Ecosystem, broadcast and streaming operators are granted a more simplified and efficient workflow. Here, we delve into the benefits of the integration and provide a guide on setting it up.

Based on Videon's recent 9.5 update, the integration with Zixi Feeder has been natively implemented to allow users to easily output content into the Zixi ecosystem, enabling a streamlined streaming process and a workflow that spells efficiency.

Here we explore the benefits that this integration brings to the table:

  • Take Advantage of Edge Computing: Videon levels up live video workflows through edge computing, enabling the normalization of live video, audio, graphics, and data feeds with sub-second glass-to-glass latency. This opens up an expansive list of use cases such as monetization, multi-camera time sync, remote production kits and more, setting the stage for both immediate and future innovations.

  • Reliability and Scalability: The integration leverages the Zixi protocol to offer low-latency, error-free transport over IP networks, promising reliability with 99.999%+ availability at scale.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Say goodbye to inflated operational costs with a significant reduction in infrastructure requirements and stream egress costs, all of which pave the way for a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Robust Security Features: Security is a pivotal focus with optional passphrase protection and encryption features to secure Zixi streams, ensuring that only authorized receivers can access the streams.

  • Improved Management and Control: Gain superior control with integration to Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane that facilitates large-scale configuration, orchestration, and monitoring of LiveEdge® Devices.

  • Innovation and New Opportunities: Enhance live video experiences and create fresh business models. This integration promotes growth and innovation, ushering in new revenue-generating opportunities, like monetization, multi-camera viewing experiences, and more.

  • Cross-Functional Integration: Videon's LiveEdge® Devices natively integrate with Zixi, promising seamless operation across various form factors.

  • User-Friendly Setup: Setting up Zixi on LiveEdge® Devices is a breeze. Simply enter the URL of the Zixi endpoint and configure optional settings for optimum control over the streaming output.

Setting Up the Integration: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using Zixi is very similar to the other streaming outputs on Videon devices. For the most part, all that is needed is a properly constructed destination URL. Zixi has a couple additional options, which are explained below.

Step 1

Navigate to Encoder Control > Outputs >Zixi 1, 2, or 3

Step 2

Enter the URL of the receiving end and a port. The default port is set to 2088. The URL may be an IP address and port combination or a host name, depending if the ingest is a Point-to-Point decoder or an online streaming platform.

  • The port should match on the sender (Videon device) and receiver (ingest/decoder/server)

Step 3

Enter the Stream ID if applicable. Some servers that accept Zixi require Stream IDs to be used in order to ingest multiple Zixi streams at the same port.

Step 4

Set the Max Latency value.

  • This value represents the duration of content that is buffered to allow for re-transmission of data (that is how Zixi is reliable). This is not the expected glass-to-glass latency.

Step 5

Set the FEC Percentage (Forward Error Correction) value.

  • This value represents the reserved/allowed bitrate/bandwidth overhead for FEC packet (re)transmission.
  • We allow setting up to 50% FEC Percentage value

Step 6

(Optional) Set the passphrase.

  • The passphrase allows the Zixi stream to be passphrase protected.

Step 7

(Optional) Set the encryption key and key size.

  • Encryption allows the Zixi stream to only be decrypted by a receiver that has a matching encryption key and key size set. This allows a stream using Zixi to ensure only the right receiver is decoding the stream.
  • An encryption key can be generated from the Videon Web UI by clicking Generate.

The following pop-up will then display:

  • You can then select Use Key and this will be the encryption key used in the Zixi stream. It is also recommended to select Copy Key to make note of the encryption key if needed elsewhere.

Step 8

Once everything is set, enable Zixi, select Save, and check if it is being received by the other end of the workflow!

For a more detailed setup guide, including how to generate an encryption key from the Videon Web UI, refer to the full support article or watch the setup tutorials:

Configure Zixi Output via Videon Web UI

Configure Zixi Output via LiveEdge® Cloud Control

The integration of Videon and Zixi is a game-changer in the video streaming industry, offering unmatched efficiency, scalability, and groundbreaking features. By following our simplified guide, you can set up this integration and unleash the full potential of a modernized live video workflow. To learn more, contact or visit our website

Join the revolution and meet with an expert.

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