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February 13, 2024

Choosing the Right LiveEdge® Device for Your Workflow

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of edge compute for ground-to-cloud workflows, the LiveEdge® Ecosystem stands out for its adaptability, intelligence, and extensibility. With a focus on optimizing live video workflows, the LiveEdge® Ecosystem offers a variety of Devices and Form Factors, each designed to meet specific workflow requirements while providing customization through LiveEdge® Subscriptions (Stream, Data, Ads, Graphix) and vCare technical support.

LiveEdge® Node: Efficiency for Simple Workflows

The LiveEdge® Node is an ideal choice for workflows that require a single input or channel. Its solid-state design ensures reliability while consuming less than 10 Watts, making it an efficient choice for streaming content to the cloud or multiple social media platforms. Capable of handling 1080p60 or 4Kp30 encoding, the Node is perfect for straightforward, single-channel workflows.

LiveEdge® Max: Powerhouse for Complex Workflows

For more demanding workflows that require dual inputs and higher computational needs, LiveEdge® Max is the powerhouse device. With double the CPU power (8 cores), 2.5x the compute, and 20x the compute capacity for AI/ML tasks compared to the Node, the Max is designed for high-density workflows. Its ability to run dual encoding containers at 4Kp60 and support multiple simultaneous containers makes it ideal for workflows that need watermarking, AI/ML inferences, or light learning, all while maintaining a low power draw of less than 25 Watts.

LiveEdge® 2Go: Versatility for On-the-Go Productions

The LiveEdge® 2Go series caters to the unique demands of live event productions that require mobility and resistance to environmental factors. Available in 2Go, 2Go Mini, and 2Go Max variants, these devices offer 2 or 4 inputs across three form factors, making them suitable for capturing multiple camera angles and providing clean, dirty, or backup feeds. Designed for easy setup and teardown, these devices are travel-friendly and come with application-specific connectors, ensuring versatility for on-the-go productions.

LiveEdge® Rack: High Density for Multi-Channel Workflows

For workflows that demand a high number of inputs or channels, the LiveEdge® Rack offers the highest density solution. Ideal for in-venue applications, such as feeding jumbotrons, box suites, and mobile units, or even for handoffs to broadcast and cable, the Rack supports 3 devices per 1RU. This customization allows for 3 channels with the Node or 6 channels with the Max, all optimized within a custom-designed horizontal rack for enhanced cooling.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the right LiveEdge® Device or Form Factor depends on the specific needs of your live video workflow. Whether you need efficiency and simplicity with the LiveEdge® Node, the computational power and AI/ML capabilities of the LiveEdge® Max, the versatility and mobility of the LiveEdge® 2Go series, or the high-density solutions provided by the LiveEdge® Rack, the LiveEdge® Ecosystem offers adaptable, intelligent, and extensible options tailored to your requirements in one solution.

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