An Encoder + Computer, together at last

Introducing LiveEdge – revolutionizing live video technology. A feature-rich encoder that provides extensible and easy to deploy edge computing in a small form factor device.

Trusted by Video Engineers, Production Companies, Camera Manufacturers, SaaS Providers and Sports Leagues. Loved by CROs, Product Managers and CFOs.

Limitless Use Cases




Multi-Output Feeds (Contribution, Social, VOD, Monitoring)

Automate Ad Marker Insertion


Industry Standards





H.264 / H.265






Ready-to-deploy and Low Code Solutions

Developer Tooklit

Local & Cloud Open APIs

User-friendly UI & Devices


Customizable Production-Ready Field Units

Bring Your Own SIM

Multi-vendor Cellular Router Options

Custom Antenna Options

2-4 Camera Input Options


We believe...

It's time to replace single-function encoders with edge computing. Business needs are changing rapidly, and there are more opportunities to think of video as data. It's also time to rethink the total cost of ownership (TOC), driving down hardware footprints, the need for technical staff, and making it easier to handle multiple workloads with one solution.

On-premises compute

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

LiveEdge® devices offer the power of an EC2 instance on-site, reducing latency and cloud costs by running tasks locally in Docker containers. This means you need less equipment like laptops and encoders, as one LiveEdge device covers these needs. With remote management, teams can control operations from anywhere, cutting down on travel and equipment costs, and reducing the need for multiple software subscriptions.

Reduce Hardware Footprint
Reduce need for onsite technical staff
Control Cloud Costs

As low as


glass-to-glass latency

Up to


cloud cost reduction

With Globecast’s successful program of transformation from antennas to networks and the cloud, Videon technology is an important component of our toolset to service OTT workflows as well as supporting our Platform Operations as a Service (PaaS) workflows.
Chris Pulis, CTO
Technology AgnOstic

Imagine, Build, and Deploy POCs and Workflows Fast

LiveEdge devices are user-friendly and adaptable to any tech setup - cloud, various protocols, CDNs, or tech vendors. Thanks to Docker, you can easily switch functions without constantly changing hardware. This speeds up testing and deploying new projects like POCs and workflows. You also get remote, real-time analytics and reporting. Plus, there's a developer toolkit and REST APIs for those who want to get more technical, making customization straightforward.

User-friendly Appliances and UI
Cloud, Protocol, CDN, and Tech Vendor Agnostic
Remote Real-time Analytics & Reporting
REST APIs and Native-Docker Support
LiveEdge has enabled us to become more agile and responsive, ultimately improving customer satisfaction due to our streamlining efforts.
Martyn Richardson, VP of Operations

Manage Thousands of Feeds from Anywhere, Anytime.

LiveEdge® Cloud Control empowers teams to manage more efficiently with fewer resources, enabling rapid adjustments from any location.

Fleet Management & Monitoring
Remote Configuration
Programmatic Control via API
Automated Alerts
Our experience with the LiveEdge has been a game-changer for our customers for remote production use cases. It has simplified their workflows and enhanced efficiencies.
Richie Murray, President

One Solution.
Limitless Use Cases.

LiveEdge offers a wide range of uses that are constantly growing. It's versatile for various needs like Video Assistant Referee (VAR) functions, remote camera control, and encoder replacements, among others. Its adaptability makes it suitable for multiple applications, streamlining operations in diverse fields.

Video Assitant Referee

Implement accurate, timely video-assisted refereeing to ensure fair play and seamless game flow, bolstered by superior live video technology.

Encoder Replacement

Ditch bulky hardware encoders and transition to Videon's seamless, integrated solution to streamline live video encoding processes.

Remote Production Kits

Mobilize your production setup with portable kits, enabling high-quality live broadcasting from virtually anywhere, anytime.

Time Synchronization

Ensure flawless coordination between video, audio, and data streams, facilitating polished, professional live broadcasting even in challenging conditions.

Automate Ad Markers

Maximize advertising effectiveness with automated marker insertions that intelligently identify the optimal slots within live streams.

Dynamic Graphic Overlay

Enhance viewer engagement by dynamically overlaying graphics, stats, or interactive elements directly within live streams, in real-time.

In-stadium Experiences

Elevate live event atmosphere by providing immersive, in-stadium experiences through synchronized audio-visual displays and interactive fan engagements.

Remote Camera Control

Simplify remote shooting by gaining precise control over camera settings and positioning, reducing the need for on-site technical adjustments.

AI & ML Inferences

Unlock new insights and drive real-time decision-making through leveraging AI and machine learning inferences on live video feeds.

Powerful Features In and Out of the Box

Right out of the box, our LiveEdge service packs a punch with features like vertical video support, SCTE-35 ad markers, and SMPTE-336 (KLV) standards, and that's just the start. As a subscriber, you'll keep getting more and more. We're constantly rolling out new updates every 6 to 8 weeks, so your devices keeps improving and expanding its capabilities. It's like having a tool that grows with you and your needs, always adding something new to explore and utilize in your work.

Dynamic Outputs
OTT Origin Server
Local Record
Vertical Video
OTT Origin Monitor
Native Docker Support
Remote Management & Control

Docker-based Architecture

LiveEdge's Docker-based architecture is central to its extensibility. Docker containers allow for quick and easy updates or additions of features without disrupting your existing setup. This makes LiveEdge highly adaptable and continuously evolving to meet your changing needs.

LiveEdge® Containers

LiveEdge containers are custom-built by Videon, designed to enhance your experience with specialized functions. These containers are regularly updated and new ones are added, ensuring your LiveEdge system stays at the forefront of technology. The best part? All these updates come at no extra cost to subscribers, keeping your system up-to-date without additional charges.

Partner-built Containers

Partner-built Containers on LiveEdge come from top industry technology partners, offering a wide and growing range of functionalities. Continuously updated, these containers allow you to deploy the latest solutions, enriching your LiveEdge experience with innovative and diverse options.

Custom Containers

Custom-containers for LiveEdge are created using the Videon Developer Toolkit, enabling teams to tailor-make solutions for their unique workflows. This capability significantly enhances LiveEdge's extensibility, allowing for personalized and precise adjustments to meet specific operational needs.

Open APIs

Our Open APIs include one for seamless device control and another for programmatically interacting with LiveEdge Cloud Control, offering comprehensive and flexible system management.

LiveEdge® Devices API

Send REST Commands directly to LiveEdge devices to streamline operations and enhance functionality, allowing for more extensibility, for example, remote camera control.

LiveEdge® Cloud Control API

The LiveEdge® Cloud Control API allows teams to programmatically integrate LiveEdge Cloud Control into their end-to-end management platforms, enabling seamless and efficient remote system oversight and interaction.

Works with Your Existing Technology Stack

Choose your preferred cloud providers, protocols, and live video platforms. LiveEdge offers complete control over your first-mile live video workflows.
Configure a workflow today, change it up tomorrow.

Supported Protocols








Learn More
JW Player
Amazon IVS
Google Cloud

Different Devices.
One Solution.

LiveEdge offers a diverse range of devices, each tailored for specific requirements like compute capacity or rugged design, yet they all embody the same seamless solution, easily interchangeable to suit varying workflow demands.

LiveEdge® Node

The LiveEdge Node is our flagship device that laid the foundation for our innovative range. It's designed to be portable and power-efficient, making it an ideal choice for a variety of workflows. Its versatility and reliability ensure it meets the diverse demands of modern  streaming.

LiveEdge® Max

Max provides more usable power than ever - including single or dual 12G-SDI 4Kp60 inputs to support higher resolutions and multiple camera angles, home and away, backup feeds, or a loopthrough - and is designed to streamline the most strenuous workflows.

LiveEdge® 2Go

Harness the power of the LiveEdge ecosystem in the form factor that started it all – two or four inputs – perfect for multiple camera angles or a backup feed, designed for on-the-go workflows. LiveEdge 2Go also offers customizable cellular bonding, letting you use any router and bring your own SIM card for provider control.

LiveEdge® Rack

Rack is designed with density and tidiness in mind - adding to a family of powerful compute appliances designed for the first-mile - driving advanced features and functionality while optimizing and consolidating traditionally disparate services.

Power Efficient and Eco-friendly

We design and develop our hardware and software with the compute power enabled by Qualcomm. Together we help live video producers decrease their impact on the environment and enable their workflows to be intelligent, flexible, and efficient while adding new features that unlock new capabilities they never thought possible at no additional cost.


more energy efficient than other hardware solutions


more energy efficient than x86_64 software-based solutions


more efficient than adding a Raspberry Pi to an encoder to achieve similar on-premises compute capabilities as LiveEdge®

Even more reasons to join the revolution.

AS9100 Certified

Our devices are exceptionally durable and reliable, meeting the stringent standards required for use inside airplanes. This makes them ideal for live streaming in various settings like stadiums, concert venues, or conference centers, and much more.

24/7 Support

As creators of both the hardware and the software that powers it, we are experts in delivering fast, integrated, and comprehensive support, right when you need it.

Subscription Pricing

We make it easy to find the plan that is right for your needs. Subscribers also get ongoing feature updates at no extra cost.

Working with Videon was a pleasure.  They were responsive and took the time to understand our business and that we needed top tier performance and support.  All our events went off without a hitch with an overall high QOS.
Carl Cavagnolo, Regional Manager

See How People Use Videon

Automate data synchronization between camera and data feeds, seamlessly creating highlight reels, syndication feeds, and more.
Establish seamless two-way communication between cameras, commentaries, and cloud workflows for enhanced collaboration and efficiency.
Unleash the power of portable infrastructure for live streaming in the field, stadium, production truck, and on-the-go.
Harness the capability to burn-in graphics, generate clean and dirty feeds at the source, reducing latency to deliver a seamless experience.
Empower your workflow with a comprehensive first-mile monitoring and alerts system for enhanced performance and reliability.
Simplify fleet management with seamless remote updates and upgrades to enhance performance.
Unleash the power of remote configuration, effortless proof-of-concept testing, and seamless vendor flexibility. Explore multiple form factors tailored to your IT requirements, offering unmatched density and portability.
Safeguard your content with robust encryption and seamlessly control access from camera to cloud, ensuring utmost security and privacy.
Personalize your experience with developer tools, utilizing an API-driven or API-first architecture, all managed seamlessly with low code and no code solutions.
Experience cloud-based fleet and device management, effortlessly integrated into your current CMS and NOC, with the convenience of API and console controls.
Streamline video feeds, data, and graphics to empower teams to focus on enhancing viewer experiences, rather than getting caught up in backend reworking.
Explore new workflows effortlessly, conducting proof-of-concepts without disrupting architecture, budget, or timeline.
Effortlessly expand your camera feeds with minimal software disruption
Seamlessly unlock additional revenue streams while streamlining infrastructure. Automate advertising, syndication, and video feed publishing with ease.
Efficiently decrease cloud and resource costs and have a foundation to plug in (no code, low code). Triage downstream vendors with the same infrastructure giving ultimate pricing flexibility for all types of workflows.
Unlock real-time data extraction to enable new monetization and maximize the value of your content.

Join the revolution and meet with an expert.