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September 7, 2023

Unlocking the Power of HTML5 with LiveEdge® Graphix: A New Dawn for Live Video Workflows

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By Mark Jeffery, VP, Product Marketing

HTML5 has evolved far beyond merely being the structural backbone of websites. It's now a powerful tool for rendering dynamic, visually-appealing content in a variety of applications—especially for  live video. The introduction of LiveEdge® Graphix, a new native container of Videon's LiveEdge® Ecosystem, marks a significant step forward in leveraging HTML5's capabilities for live video.

The Essence of LiveEdge® Graphix

While the LiveEdge® Ecosystem itself is an industry-disrupting solution for optimization and enhancement of live video workflows, LiveEdge® Graphix brings an added layer of sophistication. It allows for the ingestion of metadata and enables the onscreen visualization of HTML5-based metadata. This opens doors to dynamic graphical overlays at the point of production, simplifying workflows while making them more flexible, low-latency, and cost-effective.

Visualize: Beyond Static Graphics

Developers can now create, or utilize partner-created, graphical overlay templates that range from static to fully dynamic. Think slates, barker channels, bumpers, crawls, drop-downs, swipes, and squeeze-backs. Moreover, it gives broadcasters the capability to go a step further by integrating monetization strategies like ads directly into the live stream.

Trigger: Event-Driven Graphics

LiveEdge® Graphix can define application-based triggers, an invaluable feature for dynamic events like sports. Triggers can be automated to respond to changes in score, timeouts, half-time and even the game clock, offering a seamless and interactive viewing experience.

Process: Power at Your Fingertips

Depending on the LiveEdge® device, different levels of processing power are available. For example, the Node and VCP variants deliver frame rates of 4-5fps, perfect for scoreboard-type graphics. On the other hand, the Max variant supports multi-channel full-motion dynamic graphic overlays, taking your production quality to the next level.

LiveEdge® Graphix Benefits

  • Custom: Decorate your programming with custom graphics.

  • Efficient: Remove the need for extra decode/re-encode steps.

  • Cost-Effective: Reduce usage-based cloud costs.

  • Streamlined: Lower the number of physical components in your broadcast workflow.

  • Low Latency: Achieve latencies as low as 200ms.

  • Remote Controlled: Utilize the LiveEdge® REST Direct API or Cloud Control REST API for added flexibility in remote production.

  • Templatized: Compatible with graphic overlay templates and image libraries from industry leaders like Singular Uno, Singular.Live, XYIO, FanDuel, and FloSports Flofx.

  • Monetizable: Add the optional LE-OPT-ADS container to initiate automated triggering of SCTE-35 ad markers based on events in metadata.

In Summary

The new LiveEdge® Graphix container extends the capabilities of the LiveEdge® Ecosystem, maximizing the potential of HTML5 in live video workflows. From its ability to offer dynamic graphical overlays to the automation of monetization strategies, it's more than just a feature; it's a game-changer in the live video industry.

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