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February 10, 2019

Ultra-low Latency with Amazon Web Services: How Low Will It Go?

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Videon, as an AWS Elemental technology partner, is now enabling worldwide video distribution in under four seconds. This refers to the total time difference between video capture at the camera and playback on a screen such as a TV, phone, or tablet, also known as glass-to-glass latency.

The key to driving this latency, or video delay, lower is a fully integrated video pipeline. Thanks to the interoperability between Videon’s encoders and Amazon Web Services, this pipeline is more streamlined than ever before.

The process starts with a video signal that is encoded by a Videon Shavano encoder and sent directly to AWS Elemental MediaStore via HLS. From MediaStore, the video feed moves to Amazon CloudFront, the content delivery network (or CDN), for playback on a device like a phone or computer.

In our latency test video, we see this process take less than four seconds from source to screen, thanks to the integrated pipeline. When we tested this with other encoders using a different CDN, this glass-to-glass latency ballooned to 30 seconds or more, while also being highly variable.

Videon will demonstrate its entire line of live streaming encoding solutions, including Shavano, a 4K HEVC/H.264 encoder, during IBC 2018 from September 14th to 18th in Amsterdam at the RAI. Videon’s team will be available for product demonstrations and meetings in booth 9.LP9.

About Shavano

Shavano is Videon’s 4K H.264/HEVC video encoder which allows creators to stream in native 4K to provide the highest quality video to viewers. Using HEVC compression, Shavano allows 4K video streaming on consumer grade internet, no special equipment required! At under $2k, there is now an affordable encoder that makes 4K video possible.

Do you want to be able to stream 4K for under 2k? Order your Shavano today!

Join the revolution and meet with an expert.

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