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July 31, 2023

Synchronizing Multi-Feed Sports Video via Edge Computing and KLV (SMPTE-336)

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Live video streaming presents a multitude of revenue generating opportunities, from real-time advertising to graphic overlays to watch and wager. The cornerstone of these strategies lies in leveraging real-time data feeds to drive automation and triggers, enhancing viewer engagement and revenue. However, the task of synchronizing video and metadata from diverse sources, while addressing issues related to latency and automation, poses significant challenges. The critical question to address is: How can we accomplish efficient data normalization that is scalable, low latency, and cost effective? The answer to this complex problem is Videon’s LiveEdge® ecosystem - a new way to unlock monetization potential in real-time video workflows.

Unleashing the Power of KLV (SMPTE-336) for Superior Synchronization

LiveEdge solves these challenges with groundbreaking capabilities that leverage KLV, a SMPTE data encoding standard. This novel approach ushers in a new era of enhanced user experiences and unique use cases for live sports workflows.

Thinking Inside the Box with Docker Containers

In the fast-changing world of live sports broadcasting, LiveEdge leverages Docker containers to automate application deployment, scaling, and management. This unique differentiator provides customized, efficient solutions. 

The LiveEdge container-based solution allows broadcasters to combine and deploy necessary functions at the video source, enhancing real-time broadcasting precision. For instance, using KLV (SMPTE-336) to timestamp feeds at the source for accurate synchronization with metadata or other live feeds. This innovative solution enhances the reliability of sports broadcasting while benefiting from Docker's quick development, deployment, scalability, and isolated environment capabilities, offering broadcasters the flexibility to meet ever-evolving demands in live sports broadcasting.

Example Use Cases

  1. Watch Parties: By synchronizing video feeds and timed metadata, Videon's solution enables cloud-based production systems to use the KLV data and timestamps to align multiple video streams.

  1. Enhanced Interactivity: Through live chat and real-time player stats, broadcasters can facilitate real-time interactions among viewers, creating a highly engaging and immersive viewing experience, enabling new ways of consuming content, like instant camera switching on the video player

  1. Graphic Overlays: With real-time camera and metadata synchronization, broadcasters can overlay graphics such as scoreboard data, player stats, betting odds, weather conditions, or advertisements onto the live video feed, providing viewers with enriched content.

The Benefits of Videon's LiveEdge for Video Feed and Metadata Synchronization

Videon's innovative LiveEdge ecosystem provides numerous advantages for live sports broadcasting, including reduced latency, streamlined workflows, precise synchronization, enhanced data analysis, effective monetization strategies, all delivered in a cost-efficient package. Additionally, LiveEdge devices and form factors can be remotely configured, managed, and monitored, via LiveEdge Cloud Control's interface or REST API, enhancing operational efficiency and scalability regardless of the teams' location. Videon further simplifies this process by offering concierge services that can deliver pre-provisioned devices on-site, ensuring a point-and-click solution and a seamless user experience.

LiveEdge is transforming live sports broadcasting - synchronizing live video feeds and timed metadata, delivering the ultimate global viewing experience. This shift heralds a new era of engaging, immersive live video in sports broadcasting. Book a session with an expert or visit our website for more information.

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