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December 4, 2023

Streamlining and Upleveling Live Video Production Workflows with the Power of Docker Containers

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By Lionel Bringuier, Chief Product Officer

The live video production landscape is fraught with the challenges of normalizing disparate feeds—video, audio, graphics, and data—before being sent to the cloud. Traditionally, this has been a costly, complex, and time-consuming process. Videon's LiveEdge® Ecosystem solves these challenges, leveraging Docker containers to streamline and enhance the live video workflow. By running Docker containers on LiveEdge® devices located at the source, right where the action is captured, Videon delivers functional high quality video with richer data, which makes for better cloud workflows. This approach not only prepares live video for the cloud, but reduces overhead, allowing production teams to focus on crafting engaging fan experiences with newfound agility and economic efficiency.

What is a Docker Container?

Docker has a great blog post that deep dives into Docker and all of its glory. In short, Docker containers are self-contained execution environments that package software, along with its dependencies, ensuring consistent behavior across different computing platforms. They offer a lightweight alternative to traditional virtual machines, providing a more resource-efficient means of running isolated applications.

LiveEdge® devices by Videon leverage Docker containers natively, functioning similarly to cloud servers but with an on-premises presence. The beauty of Docker containers lies in their portability: the same environments can run on-prem or in the cloud. This allows them to easily complement or extend cloud infrastructures, offering the benefits of cloud computing with the immediacy and security of local processing. For developers, this means the flexibility of containerized software management combined with the practicality of edge computing—optimizing live video production workflows and creating the perfect hybrid:cloud balance.

Why Docker Containers for Live Video Production?

In live video production, where precision and adaptability are paramount, Docker containers serve as vital tools. They effectively bring cloud-based microservices on-premises, such as those enabled by Videon’s LiveEdge® devices. This approach allows for the deployment of a wide range of applications, tailored to the specific needs of a live production.

For instance, a Docker container could host a data parsing service, designed to seamlessly integrate with sports data feeds. This enables real-time analysis and overlay of sports statistics during a live broadcast, enhancing the viewer experience with dynamic, data-driven content.

In essence, Docker containers empower live video producers to custom-build their production environment with the same versatility and efficiency as cloud services, but with the added benefit of local, low-latency processing. This is a game-changer for live video production, offering both technical sophistication and operational flexibility.

LiveEdge® Devices Support Three Types of Docker Containers:

  • Native Containers: These are containers directly from Videon, designed for seamless integration with LiveEdge® devices, offering functionalities like Stream, Ads, Graphix, and Data, with more coming in future updates for subscribers.
  • Third-Party Containers: Containers from trusted tech partners that extend LiveEdge® capabilities, allowing for features like advanced video analytics, security, proprietary encoding algorithms, or cloud-based asset management.
  • Custom-Built Containers: For those unique production needs, custom containers can be developed to handle any number of specialized tasks.

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Example Use Cases of Docker Containers:

From single-camera feeds to multi-camera setups with overlays and transitions, Docker containers can manage the spectrum of streaming complexities.

  • Automated Ad Marker Insertion: Intelligently insert ad markers based on content or viewer data, increasing relevancy and viewer engagement.

  • Remote Camera Control: Remotely control on-premises equipment such as PTZ cameras using a custom built docker container that uses the LiveEdge® device as a gateway for seamless production control.

  • Machine Learning Inferences: Conduct real-time analysis to augment cloud-based deep learning, enhancing content with AI-driven insights like the one shown below. 

How to Access, Deploy, or Create Your Own:

Accessing and deploying Docker containers on LiveEdge® is designed to be straightforward. Through LiveEdge® Cloud Control, users can remotely manage their containers, choose to deploy native or third-party options, or upload their custom-built containers. For those looking to create their own, Videon provides a Developer Toolkit, complete with documentation and support, to ensure a successful deployment.

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Docker containers on Videon’s LiveEdge® are setting a new standard for live video production. They offer the flexibility, efficiency, and power needed to manage today's complex live video environments effectively. By embracing this technology, production teams can easily test, PoC, deploy, or change workflows, ensuring they are equipped to meet any challenge and deliver high-quality live video content consistently. Join the revolution and discover how Videon's LiveEdge® ecosystem can transform your live production workflow.

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