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May 8, 2019

nanocosmos and Videon Deliver Ultra Low Latency Workflow

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nanocosmos and Videon Deliver Ultra Low Latency Live Streaming Workflow to Accelerate Rollout of Interactive Applications

Enabling One-Second End-to-End Latency and Two-Way Engagement, Workflow Supports New Generation of Interactive Auctions, Sports, and Other Live Events

BERLIN and STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — May 6, 2019 — nanocosmos and Videon today announced that they are partnering to provide an ultra low latency live streaming workflow based on Videon’s edge compute encoder technology and nanocosmos’ ultra low latency live streaming nanoStream Cloud. Enabling about one-second end-to-end latency and two-way active engagement, the new live streaming workflow will support emerging interactive applications such as auctions, sports, and other live events.

nanocosmos has created H5Live technology for plugin-free delivery and playback on any device and HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS. H5Live is part of nanoStream Cloud, a scalable live streaming solution and ULL CDN with a global footprint. Videon’s edge compute encoder platform moves compute and time-intensive cloud processes such as transcoding, transrating, and format packaging to the edge rather than the cloud. Combining these technologies ensures ultra low latency that achieves the market disruption anticipated by nanocosmos and Videon.

nanocosmos and Videon have optimized the integration between these technologies, with nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player accepting encoded video from Videon’s edge compute encoders, which accept both HDMI and SDI inputs. Thanks to this technology integration and resulting live streaming workflow, platform operators, content creators, and OEMs can quickly develop and deploy new applications with complete confidence in the interface between on-premises ingest equipment and the cloud.

“nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player enable live video delivery around the world in about one second. The partnership with Videon ensures we can quickly deploy an end-to-end platform that can be applied to a wide range of interactive applications,” said Oliver Lietz, CEO of nanocosmos.

“Our edge compute encoder platform was designed to push the limits of low-latency streaming,” said Todd Erdley, CEO of Videon. “And this partnership with nanocosmos takes low latency right to the edge of what is possible and really makes interactivity in streaming applications a reality.”

At Streaming Media East, nanocosmos will present as part of a Discovery Track session on Tuesday, May 7, at 10:30 a.m., and will demonstrate the workflow made possible by the partnership with Videon in the company’s booth (TT5) throughout the show, May 7-8, at the New York Hilton Midtown. Representatives from both companies are available by email to discuss how their technologies can support specific interactive use cases.

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About nanocosmos

nanocosmos enables users to go live around the world in one second with their nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player. With many years of experience, nanocosmos has created the unique H5Live technology for plugin-free delivery and playback on any device and HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS. H5Live is part of nanoStream Cloud, a scalable live streaming solution and ULL CDN with a global footprint. nanoStream Cloud Analytics and H5Live Metrics for better insights and QoS are now available as add-ons. For live encoding, nanoStream SDKs or browser-based can be added, or users can simply deploy their existing RTMP Live Encoder workflow. Find out more at

About Videon

Videon is a cutting-edge developer of 4K and HD encoding and streaming products that enable prosumers and professionals to move media from any source to any screen. While the company’s streaming systems enable simpler, more economical streaming of high-quality video, its modules and services help manufacturers bring their products to fruition. Through partnerships with leading silicon and software companies, Videon technology has been incorporated into over 30 million devices. Videon simply moves media. More information is available at

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