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February 17, 2022

Livin’ on the Edge Podcast, Episode 1

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This week in the Livin’ On The Edge Podcast, our very own Tristan Avelis sits back down with Todd Erdley and Paul Brown to dive deep into the world of tech trade shows. They explore how we find new tech and what we do to transform Videon and the industry based on that knowledge.

Paul, Todd, and Tristan each break down their personal gameplans for navigating trade shows and what they are looking for. They also give examples of the most exciting and influential conversations or displays they have seen over the years. You can read more about Todd’s experience at CES 2022 here.

They then hone the conversation to the application of their new knowledge. Once they leave the trade floors, long dinners are spent sharing their insights, dreams, and plans for the future—all while enjoying ice cream and french fries.

After all of this, they talk about what they could change in the industry if they could wave a magic wand, and what they are excited about for the future of the broadcasting industry.
We totally believe that EdgeCaster and LiveEdge® will help to change the way encoders are viewed in the industry. The move from an encoder to a video edge computing platform means endless applications that we are only starting to realize. The more conversations we have can only further our understanding of what our industry is capable of. We are so excited to share these conversations with you and can’t wait to see all who come out for the NAB Show in April. Happy listening!

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