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May 13, 2024

LiveEdge: Driving the Future of Enterprise-Grade Live Video Technology

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By Lionel Bringuier, Chief Product Officer at Videon

LiveEdge® has evolved from our flagship product, LiveEdge® Node, to encompass an expanded family of appliances including LiveEdge® Max and LiveEdge® 2Go, each designed to meet diverse live video needs on a unified platform. The expanded family of devices underscore LiveEdge’s essential role in integrating live video, audio, graphics, and data into high-value applications. Deployed in a variety of sports settings such as football, baseball, and auto racing, LiveEdge® capitalizes on our strong relationships with over 40 technology partners. This collaborative approach, coupled with our commitment to achieving <180ms glass-to-glass latency, continually drives LiveEdge to enhance live video performance across the industry.

As the demands of live video operations grow more complex, Videon is committed to delivering robust, scalable solutions that meet enterprise-level requirements. Our enhancements focus on scalability, control, and security, ensuring that LiveEdge® systems are not only powerful but also versatile and secure. Here’s how we’re evolving our offerings to better serve enterprise needs:

Rack-Mountable Units for High-Density and Power Failover Configurations:
Recognizing the need for more robust infrastructure, LiveEdge® Node and Max are now available in rack-mountable formats we call LiveEdge® Rack. These units support higher density configurations and are equipped with optional power failover to enhance reliability and scalability of operations.

Enhanced Previewing for Onsite and Remote Teams:
To accommodate diverse operational environments, LiveEdge® Max features a front panel that allows on-premises teams to preview content directly. Similarly, remote teams can access these previews via the LiveEdge Cloud Control UI, ensuring seamless control and monitoring regardless of location.

LiveEdge® Rack with preview screen for onsite teams

LiveEdge Cloud Control UI with preview window for remote teams

Advanced Security with Single Sign-On (SSO):
In response to heightened security requirements, Videon has introduced Single Sign-On (SSO) and identity sign-in capabilities. These features are designed to bolster security protocols, streamline user access, and protect sensitive data across enterprise operations.

Bringing it All Together

With these enterprise-grade enhancements, LiveEdge ensures that essential tools remain effective for professional video teams facing complex demands. These upgrades enhance the robustness and scalability of LiveEdge® while preserving the fundamental features that have established its reputation in live video production like:

Remote Management Capabilities:
LiveEdge® Cloud Control allows teams to manage, monitor, and control their fleets remotely. This platform is accessible via both a dedicated UI and an API, providing users with the flexibility to operate their systems from anywhere in the world.

Continued Extensibility and Innovation:
LiveEdge® supports Docker containers and will soon introduce features for remote installation, increasing the flexibility of the platform. Our developer toolkit allows customers to tailor functions to meet specific workflow needs. Despite these enhancements, LiveEdge® devices maintain their ease of use, enabling operators to initiate operations quickly and efficiently.

Sustainability and Efficiency:
LiveEdge® devices are designed to support sustainability goals by minimizing power consumption and reducing carbon emissions associated with live video productions.

As Videon continues to listen and respond to its customers, LiveEdge® remains a cornerstone of our strategy to meet the dynamic needs of live video production. Each enhancement and new capability is designed to ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed the requirements of modern live video environments. To learn more visit our website or contact us to setup a workflow review call. 

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