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January 27, 2022

Introducing our Podcast: Living on the Edge

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Livin’ On The Edge Podcast 0

“Streaming media is in its infancy and we are still solving fundamental problems. We have not yet put the power in the ultimate consumer, and that’s what we are going to talk about doing.”

In our first episode of the Living on the Edge Podcast, our Product Marketing Manager and host, Tristan Avelis sits down and talks with our first guests–Todd Erdley, President and Founder of Videon, and Paul Brown, Chief Technical Officer of Videon.

After a rundown of Todd’s takeaways from this year’s hauntingly sparse CES—more on that here and here—we get into the meat and potatoes of why this podcast exists.

Videon is seeing the live video industry change in many ways. We talk about some of those changes, including the democratization of live video production, the introduction of AI/ML, and the ubiquitous industry need for low to ultra-low latency. We also frame these changes with Videon’s role in aiding industry growth.

We then discuss key concepts that we will focus on in future episodes and a rehash of predictions for the industry in 2022.

Videon has continually thrived by listening, watching, and predicting the next moves in the broadcasting sphere. We know for a fact that streaming media is only a chapter in the book of what we can accomplish. We also know that innovation means bringing together diverse voices to dream about what is possible. Here on the show, we look forward to sitting down to talk with industry leaders, developers, and partners about the future of the industry at large.

Happy listening!

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