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April 13, 2023

Industry Rapidly Adopts Videon’s Hybrid:Cloud Live Video Architecture to Transform Live Workflows

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Industry Rapidly Adopts Videon’s Hybrid:Cloud Live Video Architecture to Transform Live Workflows

With a presence in over 250+ stadiums around the world, live video pioneers recognize how the Videon Compute Platform will change the way the industry thinks about live video workflows. 

NEW YORK, NY and STATE COLLEGE, PA, April 13, 2023––Videon is revolutionizing the live video industry with its groundbreaking Videon Compute Platform (VCP), encompassing LiveEdge® and the EdgeCaster family of appliances. In just 1.5 years, leaders and innovators across the industry have adopted the hybrid:cloud platform into their live video architecture, such as IMG Arena, FloSports, M2A Media, Nomad, Reality Check Solutions and Singular.Live, just to name a few. This adoption has enabled CTOs, product owners, live production professionals, and operations teams to streamline and automate their live video workflows, reduce overhead costs, and reduce glass-to-glass latency to <300 milliseconds (ms) - with a goal to work with partners to push this number to <100 ms––for nearly limitless use cases. All of this has been made possible by the development and deployment of 38+ edge apps to date and counting, and with the inclusion of Videon technologies directly in partners' UI, making this a trustworthy professional-grade live video platform. 

"Videon has tapped into the power of hybrid:cloud architectures to revolutionize the live video industry. The Videon Compute Platform offers unprecedented levels of efficiency and automation, saving customers time and money while reducing latency for use cases of all kinds," said Tricia Iboshi, CEO at Videon. "We are incredibly proud that the industry has recognized our vision and is actively utilizing Videon's offerings to power their live video workflows." 

Uncovering Boundless Possibilities with Customer Use Cases

The Videon Compute Platform (VCP) has been deployed in 250+ stadiums around the world, from simplifying monetizable workflows by replacing laptops and reducing the need for technical staff by remotely managing fleets through LiveEdge® Cloud, to using data to automate SCTE-35 ad markers, graphic overlays, and multi-camera syncing. Even machine learning inferences are being created on VCP - applying machine learning models to live datasets to generate outputs - enabling advanced use cases like virtual refereeing.

 One customer alone used VCP to live stream 692 games over six days from 17 venues and 44 fields of play - all set up on a super tight timeline. This unprecedented scale proves just how powerful VCP can be for customers worldwide.

"At IMG Arena, we've experienced first-hand the power of edge computing with the Videon Compute Platform as it has opened up new possibilities for automating advertising, remote production, and machine learning workflows," said Martyn Richardson, VP of Operations at IMG Arena. ""Videon has enabled us to become more agile and responsive, ultimately improving customer satisfaction due to our streamlining efforts.”

Videon's Commitment to Ongoing Innovation

In early Spring, Videon launched LiveEdge® Cloud, the best way to remotely manage, monitor and configure fleets of EdgeCasters, enabling teams to scale their live video operations without limits. And most recently, Videon introduced the newest member of the EdgeCaster family, EdgeCaster 2Go, a small and rugged form factor designed for on-the-go workflows,  allowing customers to take advantage of Videon's cutting-edge technology in remote locations. LiveEdge® Cloud and the EdgeCaster 2Go combine the portability, power, and flexibility of what VCP is known for. Videon will also showcase various new features, functionalities, and customer use cases later this summer.

"At Videon, we are committed to driving the next generation of live video with continuous innovation and technological advancement. The combination of LiveEdge® Cloud and our family of EdgeCaster form-factors, our customers will have the platform they need to take their live video workflows to the next level," said Lionel Bringuier, Chief Product Officer at Videon. "We are confident that the Videon Compute Platform will deliver the highest-quality streaming performance, ease of use, and reliability while enabling customers to deliver great live video experiences to their viewers."

Videon's executive team will be onsite at NAB Las Vegas from April 15-19, 2023, and is thrilled to connect with customers and partners. You can request a meeting here and visit partner booths featuring the Videon Compute Platform throughout the show.


Press Contact 

Richard Carreon

VP, Marketing

About Videon

Videon is leading the live video revolution, scaling feeds, making complex workflows simple, optimizing and consolidating necessary functions, and eliminating those that aren't. The Videon Compute Platform (VCP) is a market-first, enabling customers to dial in first-mile workflows, in a building or in the field, with the perfect blend of form and function, whether on-premises or in the cloud. CTOs, product owners, and live production teams are simplifying and automating first mile workflows, adding and synchronizing video, data, graphics, and advertising with simple cloud-based configuration. VCP works with any cloud provider, video platform, protocol, or format and supports nearly limitless use cases. Customers trust Videon with their business and love how VCP helps manage operational expenses - for live video from hundreds of venues worldwide every day -

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