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April 5, 2022

Industry Leaders Deploy Market-first Edge Apps at Video Source on Videon’s Platform

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Industry Leaders Deploy Market-first Edge Apps at Video Source on Videon’s Platform

Partners join a growing ecosystem of edge apps that simplify extending, managing, augmenting, and connecting an unlimited amount of live video workflows

State College, PA, April 5, 2022 — Videon, a leader in edge computing for video, announces that technology providers across the industry, including Net Insight, EZDRM, Synamedia, Zixi, V-Nova, Red5 Pro, Techex, THEO Technologies, and Livepeer and others are deploying edge apps using LiveEdge® Compute to simplify on-premise-to-cloud workflows for media companies, cloud providers, and integrators. These apps take full advantage of Videon’s built-in ultra-low latency video processing to deliver better video workflow monitoring and management, improved picture quality with reduced bandwidth, content encryption, instant channel switching, and more.

Videon puts edge computing power at the point where video is created, enabling a huge array of video processing tasks to be completed before content goes into the cloud. Edge computing for live video powers more automated, intelligent, flexible, and controlled workflows. Users can add multiple camera angles and remote feeds to handle secondary and tertiary content that compliments the primary broadcast feed, creating more profound engagement with viewers. By giving companies the ability to easily manage, augment, and extend live video workflows, new business models can be created and applied rapidly.

Each edge application supports one of four core tenets of Videon's edge computing platform:

  • Extend: enables unique workflows by moving traditional cloud functions to video origin
  • Manage: allows control and automation of devices and fleets through the cloud
  • Augment: creates intelligent video by adding critical metadata
  • Connect: enhances connection quality and reliability

"The days of highly complex and inflexible live streaming workflows are coming to an end. Our video edge computing platform and growing ecosystem of market-first edge apps enable a whole new live video infrastructure that every market segment can use to create positive business outcomes," said Tricia Iboshi, CEO at Videon. "It results in never-before-seen operationalized growth of live video."

Video developers are rapidly building impactful market-first edge apps using LiveEdge® Compute, Videon’s developer toolkit. LiveEdge® Compute is Docker-based, making it easy to quickly deploy apps that bring the power and flexibility of the cloud to the live video origin.

“We have been able to integrate our forensic watermarking solution very easily on Videon’s toolkit," said Alain Durand, senior director of business development at Synamedia. Our bitstream watermarking solution is particularly well adapted to such a constrained environment and Videon’s architecture allows us to protect our customer’s content from its inception.”

The growing edge app ecosystem has emerged with novel ways to transform and simplify workflows and drive operational efficiencies. Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge enables cost-efficient and flexible contribution and primary distribution at the edge.

“We are happy to integrate Videon’s LiveEdge® with the open Nimbra ecosystem to simplify workflows and further optimize media operations,” said Kenth Andersson, Head of strategic alliances at Net Insight. “This enables us to deliver on our commitment to support the media and entertainment industry to produce more live video content while driving CAPEX and OPEX efficiencies.”

The inaugural group of apps are pioneering the next generation of live video infrastructure and Zixi is another adopter and supporter of the new framework.

“Zixi is excited to be a part of a pioneering group of industry leaders at the forefront of simplifying video workflows,” said John Wastcoat. “Zixi running on Videon extends our reliable contribution technologies and platform capabilities to the edge where video is created, enabling edge-to-cloud control of video delivery.”

Videon will showcase select edge applications and preview LiveEdge® Cloud at NAB from April 23-26 at Conrad Hotel in its Innovation Lounge. NAB attendees can request a preview and workshop here.


About Videon

Videon, the leader in edge computing for video, makes live video processing and distribution faster and more efficient - with lower costs. It gives the freedom to process video at source by combining built-in functions running on its local video edge computing platform with additional features from the cloud. Videon includes the right tools to develop innovative video applications to handle anything from simple, low latency encoding and streaming to advanced AI-powered use cases.

Getting live video from source to audience is complex and traditionally requires expensive broadcast equipment or costly third-party services. By enhancing the cutting-edge processors normally found in the most advanced smartphones to deliver broadcast-quality video, Videon has created a revolutionary platform capable of game-changing media experiences without the cost and complexity associated with legacy broadcast technology.

Today, Videon is used in 19 countries handling tens of thousands of hours of content each day — ranging from live sports and news for TV broadcasters secondary output to vertical markets such as betting, auction houses, emergency services, drones, and hundreds of other use cases. Designed and built in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA and backed by 25-years of engineering expertise — Videon unlocks the potential of at-source computing to handle broadcast-quality video.

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