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May 17, 2023

How Videon's EdgeCaster 2Go Performed During the Durability and Intensive Reliability Testing

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By Rob Bargo, VP of Operations

At Videon, we take our commitment to delivering a quality product to our customers seriously. That’s why we recently put one of our newest products, the EdgeCaster 2Go, through an intensive reliability testing process at 15Gs. We wanted to make sure that it could stand up to vibration and other external forces without any problems or malfunctions. And after running the units and exercising its hardware components, we are proud to report that it performed flawlessly. 

This is a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by our engineers, quality assurance professionals, and other personnel. Their diligence has helped us ensure that the EdgeCaster 2Go meets or exceeds our high standards of excellence when it comes to product reliability and performance. We are confident that our customers will be just as thrilled with its durability and dependability as we are.

Like all the other Videon products, the Edgecaster 2Go is 100% manufactured in our production facility in State College, Pennsylvania. Providing our customers with a quality product isn’t just our goal - it’s our mission. We strive to create products that meet the needs of today’s live video professionals, while also delivering exceptional value for money. With the EdgeCaster 2Go, we are proud to offer a reliable and powerful solution that will help make their workflow more efficient and successful. We look forward to continuing to deliver innovative products that exceed customer expectations.

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