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April 9, 2024

Heading to NAB 2024: Videon's Innovations and Collaborations in the Spotlight

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Dive into the applications of native-WHIP Support, innovative solutions for live sports broadcasting, the capabilities of our new high-density 12G inputs, and 4K P60 Edge Device—plus, explore additional advanced features.

Next week, the Videon team is excited to be in Las Vegas at NAB 2024 from April 13-17. Join us at Zixi's Partner Village, Booth W1401, where we will showcase new use cases on the LiveEdge® platform, specifically designed to enhance the Quality of Experience (QoE) while significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for live sports.

What to Expect from Videon at NAB

Our booth at NAB 2024 will serve as a dynamic platform to showcase the latest in live video technology, emphasizing the power and flexibility of our LiveEdge® platform. Discover firsthand how our innovative use of docker containers on a small yet powerful edge device revolutionizes remote productions, allowing them to scale efficiently. Visitors will have the opportunity to see how Videon's LiveEdge® platform is paving the way for the replacement of legacy encoders and laptops, facilitating remote production and distribution on an unprecedented scale. Imagine running thousands of live, ad-supported productions remotely with just a three-person team—our solutions make this a reality.

The Technical Specifics

  • Dual 12G-SDI Inputs: Experience the capability of our small form factor device, designed to handle 2x 12G-SDI 4Kp60 inputs and cater to high-resolution, high-frame-rate video requirements.
  • Ultra-Low Latency Streaming: With sub-200ms latency, our WHIP/WebRTC integration offers real-time streaming capabilities, essential for live event broadcasts and interactive applications.
  • First Mile Metadata Enrichment: We utilize KLV SMPTE-336 standards to enrich first-mile transmissions, enhancing the value and utility of live video streams for detailed analysis and decision-making.

Spotlight on Collaborations

At Zixi's Partner Village, Booth W1401

Discover how Videon's collaboration with Zixi enhances live video workflows through our comprehensive LiveEdge® devices lineup, now fully integrated with Zixi support.

Hands-on with Red5 and Nomad

Booth W1401 also hosts a joint demonstration with Red5 and Nomad, showcasing a turnkey solution for low-latency live video delivery and management. This collaboration emphasizes scalable, interactive live streaming that's both cost-effective and quick to deploy.

Nomad's Booth W1359

Nomad's booth will feature a similar turnkey solution developed with Videon and Red5, focusing on the ease of deployment and operational cost reduction in live video management.

HESP Alliance Networking at Booth W3001

The HESP Alliance will host a networking event at booth W3001, inviting leaders to discuss advancements in live video technology. Join us for happy hour on Monday, April 15 at 5pm local time or book a 1:1 meeting here.

Videon and EZDRM at Booth W2320

Learn about our partnership with EZDRM at booth W2320, showcasing the integration of Multi-DRM and DRM over WebRTC Docker containers on LiveEdge® devices, a move towards enhancing first-mile workflow efficiency.

castLabs Collaboration at Booth W2312

At booth W2312, castLabs will demonstrate their DRM-secured WebRTC playback feed and single-frame watermarking protection using the LiveEdge® Node, highlighting the potential for addressable TV advertising using edge computing.

Book a Meeting with Videon

Interested in discussing how Videon can help streamline your live video workflows? We invite you to book a session with our team during NAB 2024. This is your chance to explore how our edge computing solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving live video space.

We look forward to seeing you at NAB 2024 and exploring how our innovations can support your live video endeavors.

Join the revolution and meet with an expert.

In the meantime, check out the latest news.


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