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August 1, 2023

Control Disparate Onsite Equipment and Normalize Metadata with Ease!

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In the fast-paced world of production, remote control of disparate production equipment across locations is expensive, time consuming, and requires human capital.

What if you could remotely manage your current onsite production equipment and first-mile workflows, in real-time, no matter the vendor, protocol, metadata, location? 

Videon already provides a solution to add content-aware metadata to the video streams. Now, remote production teams can add production-related metadata, and use the same framework to normalize the control and management of fleets of cameras,  tally lights, and other onsite production equipment.

How it Works

  1. The production team deploys Videon in the first-mile.
  2. Device(s) can be controlled from anywhere over the Internet through Videon LiveEdge® Cloud Control, leveraging a REST API that is network and firewall-friendly.

Normalization is performed using the onboard Compute of the Videon device. In this case, Compute  leverages a Docker Container, specifically designed to process commands to control the on-site equipment. These Containers can be Native, 3rd Party, or Custom, and are created using the Developer Toolkit. Containers and can be tailored for different equipment and use cases using sample code.

  1. The normalized command is then transmitted to the remote equipment, initiating the execution of the command.
  2. Then, on the upstream side of the workflow, data can be sent from the onsite equipment back to the remote production control platform. This data can include relevant information such as, status and command confirmation, alongside the timestamped live video feed.

(Figure 1: Workflow diagram showing the flow of the command from offsite to onsite)

Examples of Onsite Production Control

One of the significant challenges in remote production is dealing with different camera protocols. Teams now have the capability to control almost any type of PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera, regardless of the protocol it uses, through a Docker container. Moreover, Videonextends control to any other kind of AV equipment: tally lights, audio processors, microphones or teleprompters - offering a comprehensive solution.

Benefits - Using Videon to Control and Normalize Disparate Onsite Production Equipment and Metadata

Simplifying Management of Production Teams

Production teams can now remotely monitor, manage, and configure large fleets of disparate onsite production equipment across live events and venues, using Cloud Control, reducing the need for travel and enabling live video operations teams to quickly scale and be more effective. Cloud Control reduces the need for  in-depth technical knowledge, as compared to traditional solutions, minimizing the need for onsite technical staff.

Flexible Implementation and Deployment

Implementation is straightforward and can be accomplished quickly. Deployment timelines vary,  but typically can be done in a matter of days. While minimal coding or scripting may be required to support new equipment, the Developer Program provides a solid foundation to get started, and for those with a fundamental understanding of coding, the sky's the limit. Organizations can leverage Videon Labs’ expertise and support to develop custom containers and work with preferred partners.

Standardizing and Normalizing

Metadata, such as white balance, lumens, luminosity, and coloring parameters across different cameras is supported. This enables the normalization of remote and  disparate on-premises equipment, including cameras and audio processors, facilitating seamless integration of remote production setups. Traditionally, this normalization process was manual and required a technical onsite team, but now it can be automated, allowing for remote-first production.

Example: Control and Command Normalization 

Extensibility and Development Possibilities

Videon's Developer Program, extensible Developer Toolkits, and out-of-the-box integrations offer a versatile infrastructure, enabling seamless integration with any technology, today or tomorrow. With a solid foundation, examples and sample code, partners and customers can easily transition to remote control, with Cloud Control.

Evolution - Using Videon to Improve Existing Workflows and be Prepared for Tomorrow

With Videon, use cases are limitless, making live video experiences better for everyone. The Videon ecosystem provides easy adaptation to future workflow requirements, such as SCTE-35 ad marker insertion, which can be triggered by a rules engine to monetize your live video feeds, or run AI/ML inferences for l pitch, player and ball tracking. Videon will scale alongside your expanding operations, ensuring its continued effectiveness.

It’s now easy to remotely manage and control disparate cameras, audio equipment, tally lights and other components in remote productions. By unifying control, standardizing metadata, and normalizing, workflows are simplified and efficiency is enhanced. Extensibility and support for development provides remote production teams with a powerful tool, enabling them to create high-quality productions while reducing manual effort and streamlining operations.

To learn more, visit our website, or if you would like to connect with an expert to review and look for ways to optimize your current workflows, based on your business goals, request to connect with us here

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