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What's LiveEdge®?

An Exclusive Interview with Todd Erdley, President of Videon + Bonus Q&A

In this free webinar presented by Videon, discover how you can bring traditional cloud function to the point of video origination as Rob Zazueta and Todd Erdely, President of Videon, discuss the benefits and capabilities of a video compute platform.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn


What LiveEdge® is and how it will revolutionize the industry

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Why LiveEdge® is the future of live video

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How LiveEdge® is currently and relevantly being used in the industry daily

About the speakers

Todd Erdley

Founder, Chairman, President
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Todd Erdley is the founder and continued vision behind Videon’s groundbreaking advances in video technologies. Erdley’s leadership has propelled the company to the forefront of video encoding and streaming products that enable prosumers and professionals to create transformative solutions that are rapidly driving and simplifying the movement of media from any source to any screen. An avid cyclist, Todd enjoys unwinding from the whirlwind pace of Videon by pedalling around central Pennsylvania's beautiful countryside.

Rob Zazueta

Principal Consultant
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For more than a decade, Rob Z. has helped companies of all sizes define their digital platform strategies, generate revenue through their API programs, and create engaging and useful content that keeps developers happy and productive. Let Rob Z. and his team help bring your digital platform strategy and developer program to fruition and guide your team toward lasting success.