Unlocking the Power of LiveEdge: Latest Features and Operational Strategies

Join us for an in-depth webinar where we explore the latest features of LiveEdge® technology and share strategies for achieving operational excellence. This session will provide an overview of our current and upcoming product features, including powerful distribution format support and cloud capabilities. Learn how to efficiently manage your LiveEdge® devices and streams, and discover the potential of living on the Edge. Whether you're looking to optimize your workflows or explore new functionalities, this webinar is designed to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Tuesday , June 18, 2024
11 am PST / 2 pm EST

Duration: 60 min

What We'll Cover

Overview of LiveEdge's latest and upcoming product features.
Insights into the capabilities and benefits of LiveEdge Cloud Control's remote management capabilities
Strategies for efficient device and stream management.
Future enhancements and their impact on user experience.
Practical tips for optimizing network infrastructure and workflows.


Lionel Bringuier

Chief Product Officer

Eric Norrell

Sr. Technical Product Manager, LiveEdge®

Tristan Avelis

Technical Product Manager, LiveEdge® Cloud Control

Patrick Stoner

Customer Engagement Manager