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Thursday, October 27, 2022 | 9 am PT/12 pm ET

End-to-end workflow management using LiveEdge® Compute + Touchstream

Every week for the last few years, Videon has internally met as an organization to discuss where live video is and where it's going. Hosted by Founder and President of Videon, Todd Erdley, these sessions have become known as Todd Talks.

For the first time, we have decided to extend an invitation to the industry to join these collaborative conversations. We envision Todd Talks as an opportunity for Videon employees, partners, customers, resellers, and distributors to join us for a live virtual discussion with industry thought leaders to advance live video together.

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What we'll cover

Industry Challenges

Hear from industry experts on new challenges facing live video.


Hear how Bitmovin and Videon are working together to solves these challenges.


Ask direct questions in this open forum and interact with experts directly.

About the speakers

Brenton Ough

CEO & Co-Founder
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Based in Barcelona and originally from Australia, Brenton is the CEO and Co-founder of Touchstream. Prior to founding Touchstream in 2015, Brenton focused on performance monitoring at HP for clients like Sky, NYSE, and iBasis, and it is here that he saw a gap in mission-critical monitoring; his product enhancements in tenure at HP were adopted into the OpenView product. Brenton has a passion for sports, and is an entrepreneur focused on product innovation and development, a believer in partnerships, and a hands-on motivator.

Todd Erdley

Founder, Chairman, President
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Todd Erdley is the founder and continued vision behind Videon’s groundbreaking advances in video technologies. Erdley’s leadership has propelled the company to the forefront of video encoding and streaming products that enable prosumers and professionals to create transformative solutions that are rapidly driving and simplifying the movement of media from any source to any screen. An avid cyclist, Todd enjoys unwinding from the whirlwind pace of Videon by pedalling around central Pennsylvania's beautiful countryside.

Carl Rutman

Director of Sales Engineering
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Carl started his career at Brightcove in 2007, now celebrating over 15 years with the company. His passion for everything Brightcove quickly grew from resolving complex customer issues to a thirst for a deeper understanding of the Brightcove architecture and many 3rd party Integrations and Solutions. Over the years, he has streamed Live Events to Millions of concurrent viewers, developed and deployed complex video solutions for hundreds of companies. And now directly supports a customer base that receives well over 1 billion monthly streams. In his spare time, Carl can be found testing 360 gear, Live Streaming gear, Drones, and combining all three, by Live Streaming in 360 from his Drone!